Legion 5 vs Dell G15: Which Gaming Laptop is Better?

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Legion 5Dell G15


GPUNVIDIA RTX 3060 110-125WNVIDIA RTX 3060 115-130W
MEMORY16GB DDR4-320016GB DDR4-3200
SCREEN15.6″ 1080P 120HZ / 165HZ15.6″ 1080P 120HZ / 165HZ


Considering the plastic design, both offer a decent build quality. A grey and green version of G15 is available, while Legion 5 has a dark blue and white finish.

The G15 from Dell is somewhat larger, thicker, and deeper, but the Legion is wider. The Dell is also heavier. Both laptops have big power supplies, however Lenovo’s has a higher wattage.

The front of the legion has an extrusion in the middle that makes lifting the lid simpler, but I had no trouble opening the Dell’s lid.

Underneath, both have air intake vents towards the back. Dell’s G15 has more air ventilation space than the Legion 5 as it has a dust filter.


Both laptops have 15.6-inch 1080p displays; however, both are available with 120Hz or 165Hz options but the 165Hz panel outperforms the 120Hz panel.

Both laptops have a MUX switch, allowing you to operate it with Optimus enabled for the great battery life or deactivated for improved gaming performance.

The screen brightness of the Legion 5 was somewhat higher when both were set to 100%, but the Dell G15 was better at lower brightness levels.

The entire system latency is increased by a slower screen response time. Unfortunately, the Dell G15 display has a very poor 22ms response time, whereas the Legion was faster.

Both had a small amount of backlight bleed. During normal use on either laptop, I never noticed it.


A 720p camera is located above the screen in the centre of both laptops. Both lack IR for Windows Hello face unlock, but the Legion has a physical camera disconnect switch on the right.

Both have speakers in front of them, on the left and right. Both sounded good, but I’ll give the Dell a small advantage because it had a little more bass and sounded less flat. The Dell’s latencymon results were also better than the Legion’s.


On the Legion, I feel the keyboard is far superior. Both include backlit keys, with the Dell having orange and the Legion having 4 zone RGB, although the Legion has a white only option whereas the Dell has a 4 zone RGB option.

Typing on the Legion, in my perspective, is considerably more pleasant because the keys are more clicky.

Both have precision touchpads, but I thought the Legion’s was better because it was larger. It just felt a little nicer and clicked a little smoother.


In terms of watt-hour capacity, the Dell G15’s battery is 7.5% larger than the Legion’s, at 86 vs. 80Wh, respectively.

However, both laptops are available with lower-capacity batteries: the Legion has a 60Wh battery and the G15 has a 56Wh battery.

In the YouTube playback test, the Dell G15 lasted roughly 3 hours longer; however, the Legion 5 lasted a little longer when running a game.


All things considered, I don’t believe you can go wrong with either of these gaming laptops. In the end, it will come down to your priorities, as each laptop has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

The build quality of both laptops is comparable, with the Dell G15 having a minor advantage in terms of size and weight.

The Legion’s keyboard and touchpad were superior, but the Dell’s audio were somewhat superior.

Most people will prefer the Legion’s ports because it includes an extra USB Type-A and Type-C connection, but Dell has faster 2.5-gigabit ethernet if your network can make use of that.

The Legion features a Type-C charging port, but the Dell does not, and the Legion also has a privacy camera disconnect switch.

The Dell’s battery lasts longer, but the Legion’s battery life is still above average for a gaming laptop. The Dell also outperforms the competition when running on battery power.

Overall, I believe it can be really close in either direction. It all depends on what you’re looking for.

Legion 5 is cooler, the software is better, you get G-Sync with Optimus turned off, and the port icons on the back are really stunning.

The Dell G15 is superior if you just want the finest gaming performance and it is less expensive than the Legion 5.

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