How To Root BlueStacks? [Latest Version]

Root BlueStacks

One of the most widely used android emulators is Bluestacks. To run Android apps on Windows desktops, this is a must-have tool. BlueStacks’ popularity is on the rise. BlueStacks is mostly used to play Android games on a Windows PC, but it may also be used to run Android-only utility software. When it comes to gaming on PC, the BlueStacks motto claims to be “The fastest Android gaming platform.” Rooting BlueStacks is another option for getting the most out of your Android device. Your Android device can be used in any way possible with the rooted BlueStacks.


Use BlueStacks Tweaker to root BlueStacks. This utility can root any version of BlueStacks from version 2 to version 5. So you can Root BlueStacks 5, BlueStacks 4, BlueStacks 3, BlueStacks 2  simultaneously. 


I always recommend you to use the latest BlueStacks and also the latest BlueStacks Tweaker.


Time needed: 2 minutes.

Here in the steps below we are using the Latest Blestacks 5 Version.

  1. Download

    Download the BlueStacks Tweaker

  2. Installation

    Extract and Install the BlueStacks Tweaker.

  3. Important Step

    Run the BlueStacks Tweaker as an administrator.

  4. Force Kill BS

    Open the BlueStacks Tweaker and click on “Main Tab” then click on “Force Kill BS” as shown in the below image.

  5. Red Indicators

    Now both BlueStacks and ADB indicators will turn red.

  6. Unlock Bluestacks

    Click on Unlock Tab by going to Root Tab. I have shared the Image below.

  7. Patch Bluestacks

    Go to “Main Tab” and click on “Start BS”. Your Bluestacks will restart and both BlueStacks and ADB indicators will go green. Now again go back to “Root Tab” and click on “Patch Tab”.

  8. SuperSU and SU Binary

    After patching the Bluestacks, Install the SuperSU and you can even Update the SU Binary.

  9. Congoratulations!

    Your Bluestacks Latest Version is rooted, just restart it.

You can see if all of the steps have been completed. To begin using BlueStacks with root access, all you have to do is launch it. If everything goes well, you can get the full service. Nevertheless, if something isn’t right, go back and try again from the beginning.


Love it or hate it, BlueStacks is one of the best emulators on the market. I’m pretty sure that if you use it without the root, you won’t get anything like value for your money. Because of this, it’s possible that you’ll feel even better when you start and root BlueStacks in order to get the best Android experience possible.