How to Check How Many CPU Threads Do I Have?

How to Check How Many CPU Threads Do I Have

If you know about CPUs, you are most likely to know about cores. Nowadays, regular consumer-grade CPUs can have two to sixteen processors or more. Along with CPU cores, there are threads as well. This article will briefly discuss CPU threads and how to check how many CPU threads you have.

What are CPU threads?

The idea of CPU threads is straightforward. It is the logical or virtual version of the physical cores of the CPU. Each CPU core can be divided into a maximum of two threads, which is known as multithreading or hyperthreading.

To understand CPU cores even better, imagine your hands as threads. With one hand, you can do things, but with two hands, you can do it even better and efficiently. CPU threads are the same, and more threads can handle multiple and heavy workloads much better.

Check How Many CPU Threads Do I Have

CPU threads are not complicated at all to understand; it’s rather simple. Checking how many CPU threads you have is quite easy as well. You can do it in many ways by following a couple of easy steps, which wouldn’t take you more than a minute or two.

Check through task manager

This way is the easiest. First, you have to locate the task manager of your PC. If you are on a windows 10 system, right-click on the taskbar, and you will locate the task manager. If you are using the latest Windows 11, right-click on the windows logo on the task manager, and you will see the task manager there.

Click on task manager, and a new window will open. The task manager might be in compact mode. In this case, click ‘more details,’ and you will see the full task manager window. Click on ‘CPU’ on the left side, and you will see graphs of CPU usage and other CPU details. Look for ‘logical processors’ below ‘cores’ in the bottom right corner. ‘Logical processors’ and threads are the same thing. There you go!

Check through System Information

You can also check how many CPU cores you have in another easy way. Locate the search bar on the bottom of your screen or in the taskbar if you are using Windows 10. Type in “System Information” and click on it.

The System Information tab will open, and you will see a list of different technical details of your PC. Look for the ‘processor’ in the item list, and there you will see the detailed info of your processor, including the number of threads.

Check through the manufacturer’s website

Suppose you already know the model name of your CPU. In that case, you can easily check from the manufacturer’s website or the internet.

For example, you have the AMD Ryzen 2600x. Google AMD Ryzen 2600x details or AMD Ryzen 2600x core count, and you will see different search results. Look for the details from the manufacturer’s website or, in this case, AMD. You can even look directly from the manufacturer’s website as well. Intel and AMD both have their own official sites.

Check through third-party apps

There are plenty of third-party apps that you can use to check the number of threads on your PC. You can go ahead and use CPU-Z, which provides detailed hardware info.

For this, download CPU-Z from the official website and run it. The interface is pretty simple. You will see different tabs for individual hardware components of your PC. The CPU should be first. Click on it, and you will fund the number of threads on the bottom right side.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, these are some of the most simple and easiest ways to check how many cores you have on your PC. Whichever you choose to follow, it will get the job done.

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