PU Leather vs Fabric Gaming Chairs: Which One Is Better?

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A gaming chair is an underrated accessory to your desktop gaming setup. A comfortable, stylish gaming chair is a must to have an hour-long gaming experience.

That being said, gaming chair has expanded customization, better comfort, and aesthetic appearance in your gaming setup. These are some key factors that differ a gaming chair from a traditional chair.

If you are a gamer, you will play for an hour sitting on the same chair. Your traditional chair might end up being uncomfortable or even causing back pain which you would never want to face.

If you have ever searched for a gaming chair, you are bound to interact with two types of gaming chairs depending on the material: fabric gaming chairs and leather gaming chairs. Both of them are pretty popular and reasonable options for you.

There are tons of arguments for Fabric vs Leather gaming chairs and which one is better, which could complicate your decision-making on which one to choose.

Before you go to the shop, you should know about some characteristics or features provided by your chair. But don’t worry, this article is for you where we will break down everything about gaming chairs and help you decide according to your desire.

What is a fabric Gaming Chair?

Like the name, Fabric gaming chair is made from varieties of fabrics. A combination of cotton, polyester, linen, a mesh is quite popular in fabric chairs. The usage of fabric gaming chairs is growing over time, thanks to some key features it provides to the customer.

We will discuss every feature you need to know about a fabric gaming chair.

Features of Fabric Gaming Chair

Aside from other gaming chair features, the fabric gaming chair offers some unique features observed while buying one. Some of them are:

Low in Cost

Fabric gaming is relatively a cheaper yet reasonable choice for you. The material it uses doesn’t require much cost for the manufacturer. Also, the materials don’t come from the animal body, yet those are easy to get. If you don’t want to buy an expensive chair or are on a tight budget, then a fabric gaming chair would be a suitable choice for you.


Breathability is a significant feature that differs from fabric chairs from other gaming chairs, and it is the crucial feature that leads the argument into fabric vs leather gaming chairs.

The breathability of a woven surface allows small air openings through the material. Fabric chair allows small air openings through its fibre and maintains proper airflow between your chair and your body.


When the question is in durability, fabric gaming chair doesn’t lag. As it is made for gamers, durability is a must to consider while manufacturing. Fabric gaming chairs are pretty durable and robust.

It can take every pressure from a severe angry gamer and remains undamaged. Unlike leather gaming chairs, it doesn’t get washed off from their surface or easily be torn down like the leather one.

Disadvantages of Fabric Gaming Chair

That being said, every product has its benefits along with disadvantages. Some disadvantages of fabric gaming chairs could cause difficulties while using them.

Stains and Spills

As fabric helps to maintain airflow between you and your chair, it also absorbs spills and stains for the same reason. That’s why it gets dirty very quickly. And once the paint dries out on the surface, it becomes hard to clean. Thus, the colour of your chair can easily be dull over time, and you cannot just wipe the surface to clean it.


Maintenance is very challenging for fabric gaming chairs, and you may face difficulties removing sticky and saturated stains. You must be very careful if you use a fabric gaming chair.

Even some environmental factors might cause a problem in maintenance. Fabric can easily be torn with sharp, edgy matters or animal claws. Besides, bugs can cause damage to your chair. You will need multiple sprays, brushes, and a scheduled cleanup routine to maintain usability. For this case, the winner between fabric vs leather gaming chairs is the latter.


Fabric is rough on the surface compared to other materials in competition, which makes the chair uncomfortable to use. You may feel itchiness while your open skin makes contact with the surface.

Leather Gaming Chair

A leather gaming chair is also a pretty popular choice across the community. Leather is relatively easy for maintenance, and it also comes with tones of stylish designs and appearances. It is also very comfortable to use.

And not to mention, it doesn’t bother with sweating. So, without any doubt, leather would be the best choice for you. But wait, that’s not it. If you go to the shop and look for a leather gaming chair, you may not get one.

Because what we were talking about was pure leather. It has so many plus points that it is scarce to find. Even if you find one, the price will be much higher for a budget.

But wait, there is a type of leather used to get some benefits of pure leather, which is PU leather.

PU Leather Gaming Chair

If we talk about leather gaming chairs, we indirectly refer to this type of leather. PU is made of polyurethane leather. It is an artificial material that the manufacturer makes. Though it could provide some features of pure leather, there are some disadvantages of the material, which we will discuss in steps.

Features of PU leather

PU leather is a suitable option for many gamers. It has some features that attract many gamers to buy it.


From a distance, PU leather looks identical to pure leather. The glossy, shiny leather surface looks quite impressive in appearance, and ordinary people can’t notice any difference at first glance.

And not to mention, it is a synthetic substance and can easily be dyed in any colour. Therefore, tons of varieties and colours are available for PU leather gaming chairs.


As it looks like genuine leather, it is also cheaper. The raw materials of PU leather come from unwanted parts of an animal so that manufacturers can cut off some price in production. If you are looking for a chair with the best budget, you must choose this product.

Availability and Customization

One exciting thing about PU leather material is, it is very easy to get. You can find a PU leather gaming chair in almost every place or shop available in your area. Also, some providers allow their customer to customize their chairs according to preference.

Easy to clean

Unlike fabric chairs, PU leather is very easy to maintenance. As the surface is smooth, it doesn’t let dirt enter through the surface. So, you can just wipe the surface to remove dirt. Every liquid substance can easily be removed by just wiping the surface with a cloth.

Disadvantages of PU Leather

There are some disadvantages of PU leather and the benefits, which can cause you trouble for your peaceful gaming experience.


Unlike fabric gaming chairs, PU leather doesn’t offer breathability. As a result, when you use the chair for a long time, the surface doesn’t allow any airflow and traps heat between your skin and surface, making you feel uncomfortable, and it cannot prevent you from sweating.

As a result, if you are a hardcore gamer who wants to play for hours, you can end up feeling discomfort.


In terms of durability, a leather chair might shine up bright, but also, the surface of leather can easily be damaged by nails, claws, or keys. And not to mention, the leather of the surface can be washed out over time. And the worst thing is, you cannot repair it easily once it gets damaged.

Which one should you choose?

At this point, you must have an idea of fabric vs leather gaming chairs. But before you hop to any conclusion, you should decide what you are looking for. Because choosing an option is a personal preference.

If you want the best quality chair with the maximum price available, you should go for the pure leather gaming chair. It is hard to get but worth its price range. But, if you want a gaming chair within your budget, you should go for either fabric or PU leather gaming chair.

But which of the affordable ones should you pick? Well, that depends on your preference. Both of the chairs deliver valuable features along with their cons.

The leather chair is easy to clean but traps heat and causes sweating. On the other hand, the fabric chair is comfortable to use, thanks to the breathability feature, but the fabric chair is hard for maintenance. But don’t worry, we will set some clear examples to help you choose one.

Suppose you are a type of gamer who is very lazy in person. You don’t want to clean your chair routinely, and you don’t want to worry about sticky stains and spills. Also, you don’t play for hours on your chair. Then it would help if you went for a PU leather gaming chair. It will be suitable for the required choices.

Some gamers usually have snacks and drinks while gaming. An accidental spill of drinks can occur at any time. If you are one of them and use a fabric gaming chair, you may have to be in trouble. But if you use a PU leather gaming chair, you can easily clean your chair.

There is another fact that you should keep in mind. If you live in a cold country, you should avoid fabric chairs because fabric’s breathability could cause trouble for you. You should choose PU leather as it traps heat between the surface and your skin and keeps you warm. For the same opposite reason, if you live in any friendly country, the breathability of fabric chairs will prevent you from sweating or feeling uncomfortable.

And if you are a hardcore gamer who doesn’t care about maintenance, but plays for hours without worrying about anything, then you must go for the fabric gaming chair.

It will maintain proper airflow and prevent you from sweating during your hour-long gaming experience. But you have to be careful from stains and dust and keep a complex cleaning schedule.

Final thoughts

So, if you have come this far, you have a proper guideline regarding fabric vs leather gaming chairs. None of the chairs is worse than another.

As for the summary, we will recommend you fabric gaming chairs if you are a hardcore gamer and looking for breathability and comfort in the first place. And if your priority is cleanliness over comfort, then a PU leather gaming chair is a perfect recommendation for you.

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