Why Apple Removed The iPhone’s Headphone Jack?

Why Apple Removed The iPhone's Headphone Jack

In 2016, Apple released the iPhone 7, which sparked debate due to its decision to remove the headphone jack. Many people were surprised, as they thought the feature was critical.

So why did Apple removed headphone jack?

The reason was actually more about the iPhone X than the iPhone 7. Android competitors, on the other hand, had been releasing devices with larger screens that frequently reached the top, left, and right edges. However, because the controller is usually housed in the chin of display panels, they were having trouble shrinking it.

Apple would have to figure out a way to shrink the bottom bezel if they wanted to compete with their own edge-to-edge display. Their engineers eventually came up with a solution. They could fold the controller behind the display by utilizing the flexible properties of an OLED panel. Making room for a thin bezel at the bottom. The only drawback was that the headphone jack had to be removed in order for the display’s controller to fit. This technology would eventually be used in the iPhone X, but the product’s release was still a couple years away.

If Apple wants to remove it from iPhone X then why they removed it from iPhone 7?

Meanwhile, Apple will release the iPhone 7. They considered removing the headphone jack early on the iPhone because they knew it would have to be removed the following year. The benefit for users would be improved water resistance. The easiest way for liquid to enter was through the headphone jack.

There was also an unspoken advantage for Apple. Along with the iPhone 7, they’d be releasing AirPods, which are wireless headphones. Wireless headphones would be more popular if the phone had no headphone jack. In 2016, there were almost no true wireless earbuds on the market, which presented Apple with a huge opportunity. Furthermore, the iPhone X would be a contentious release. Because it would get rid of the home button, add a notch, and raise the price of the iPhone from $650 to $1,000. So moving the headphone jack removal to the iPhone 7 would relieve some of the pressure on the iPhone X.

Apple decided to remove the headphone jack from the iPhone 7 after these considerations. They received widespread criticism from customers and competitors, as expected. Google and Samsung, for example, would eventually follow suit.

The primary reason for removing the headphone jack is establishing a mechanical design path for the future. We want the display to go closer and closer to the edge.