Should You Stream on Twitch and Youtube at the Same Time?

Stream on Twitch and Youtube at the Same Time

Today, we’re answering the million-dollar question: Can I stream on Twitch and YouTube at the same time? What happens if I use both platforms to stream? Is there any sort of repercussion for me? The truth is that the answer is a little ambiguous, and while there are still a lot of unknowns, we’ll share everything we know with you.

YouTube vs Twitch

It’s no secret that the two platforms are at odds with each other. YouTube began as the most popular option for everyone, but Twitch gradually surpassed YouTube as the most popular option for streamers due to two main factors: better monetization and no copyright restrictions. Because the war between the two platforms began a few years ago, we do not recommend doing direct broadcasts on Twitch and YouTube at the same time if you want to make a living as a streamer because of the consequences we discuss below.

Why You Should Not Stream on Twitch and Youtube at the Same Time?

YouTube “prohibits” any type of Twitch promotion on its platform, and they don’t hide it. “If you intend to redirect the main content of your video to people outside of YouTube, it may be considered a violation of our spam policies,” they said in an official statement in 2018. Account suspension was one of the consequences for content creators who did so. It will not only harm you to mention Twitch in your Youtube videos, but it will also harm you to pay attention to small details such as adding your Twitch link in the description box, for example (people use programs to shorten and rename links). In the case of Twitch promotion, YouTube will ignore your videos and will not place them on their platform, resulting in fewer views. They can also stop monetizing your videos or, in the worst-case scenario, suspend your account.

Twitch, on the other hand, is more neutral and flexible when it comes to YouTube, and has never issued an official statement on whether streaming on both Twitch and YouTube at the same time is harmful. You’ll have to compromise if you want to become a professional streamer and earn Twitch’s partner status. The affiliate conditions include an exclusivity clause that prevents you from streaming on another platform. It also states that if you have the opportunity to apply for a Twitch partner, you will lose points if they see that you offer the same thing on YouTube, so our recommendation is that you choose one platform or the other from the start and don’t take any chances.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, can I stream on both Twitch and YouTube at the same time? There is no clear answer: you can do it on a “legal” level, of course, but there are certain consequences that will harm you, so we advise you not to.

YouTube has already demonstrated that doing so will result in severe consequences, whereas, while Twitch is a little more relaxed in this war, you will have to give in at some point to grow on this platform. If you’re going to be a serious streamer, the road is already too long to waste time with both platforms’ punishments. It’s now up to you to decide which one is best for you.