How To Remove Streamers From Recommended On Twitch

Surely you’ve encountered the following scenario: Twitch recommends some channels to you that you don’t care for, and you’d like them to disappear from your feed. It is now possible to unsubscribe from Twitch’s recommended channels: this is a way of letting the platform know that the content it is showing you does not interest you, allowing the algorithm to better understand your preferences and recommend other channels that are more relevant to your interests.

What Is The Twitch Recommended Section

First and foremost, if you’re lost and don’t know what the recommended channels are, simply go to Twitch: you’ll notice a series of featured channels appear on the main page under the heading “Live channels that might interest you.”

They also appear in the “Recommended Channels” column on the left, just below the list of Twitch profiles that you do follow.

Keep in mind that the majority of the channels that appear to be recommended to us are streamers in the promotion phase: having a Twitch partner comes with a variety of benefits, including the ability to get a “cover.” This means that, regardless of our preferences, Twitch places you at the top of the platform for a given month or day. Similarly, Twitch now gives us the option of “blocking” recommended content that we don’t like.

How To Remove A Streamer From Recommended Channels On Twitch

We can’t remove a specific recommending channel from the left column, so we’ll have to go to the main page block, where the thumbnails of the recommended channels are displayed. It’s actually quite simple: we simply click on the three small balls that appear next to the channel and select “I am not interested.” The other option that appears is “Report this channel,” which does not apply at this time.

When you click “I’m not interested,” Twitch recognizes that this channel and others like it do not fit our interests, and it will adjust its algorithm to provide us with a little more variety in the future. When removing a channel’s recommendation, Twitch gives us the option to undo the action if we want Twitch to recommend the channel again at a later time: we’ll go back to the three balls dots and select the undo option. Only if this channel is marked as not recommended will this option appear.

We’ll also notice that we have the option to click on Settings, from which we can undo our actions. Twitch will open a new tab where we can see all of the channels we’ve marked as uninteresting. If we change our minds, we can re-mark them as recommended: all we have to do is click on the “X” next to the channel, and we’ll see a notification that says “Feedback Removed”: this means the channel will be recommended again.

We can also see other records in this tab, such as comments we’ve made about a specific category or video. That’s it; as you can see, removing recommended channels on Twitch is simple, and you can undo your actions if you change your mind.

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