Business Call Recording: 8 Best Call Recorder Apps

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In today’s society, technology has taken over many different aspects of our lives. The use of technology in business has become increasingly popular and necessary for some businesses to stay competitive. With the advancement of technology, the use of recorded conversations has become a common practice in many businesses.

While some people may see the recorded conversation as having little to no value, I believe the recorded conversation has great value to a business.

8 Best Apps for Business Call Recording

Now, I will tell you which are the most effective software that will help you know how to record a call with clients.


Record, transcribing, and searching phone calls and audio discussions are just some of the features of this AI-based meeting assistant. Any digital phone or web conference meeting can be recorded automatically by connecting to a sales rep’s calendar.

2. Gong

Telesales software that records and transcribes conversations. Any CRM or VoIP web conferencing software you and your team use may be integrated with Gong, and you can start recording calls as soon as you do so.

3. Jiminy

Revenue intelligence platform Jiminny is for remote sales teams. Automated AI technology is used to record, transcribe, and analyze meetings and phone calls.

4. Call Rail

In addition to call tracking and marketing analytics, CallRail also has a lead center and form tracking capabilities. Incoming and outgoing calls can be accessed and played back at any time using CallRail’s call-recording capability.

5. Wingman

Wingman is a sales intelligence tool that uses conversational analytics. It offers the ability to provide sales training, visibility into sales channels, and sales enablement. With Wingman’s call-recording feature, you may re-create or learn from certain times in a conversation with a lead.

6. Call Tracking Metrics

In addition to call recording and transcription, Call Tracking Metrics provides an all-in-one platform for call tracking and contact center management. Prospects can easily listen to and refer to past conversations thanks to the tool. Salespeople and teams can use it to provide and get feedback on phone calls.

7. Ring Central 

If you’re looking for an easy way to communicate and collaborate with others, RingCentral is the platform for you! RingCentral has a function called automatic call recording, which allows administrators to record all of your incoming and outgoing calls.

8. Twilio

Communication API platform Twilio was designed for the purposes of sales and service as well as operations and marketing. Allows you to make and receive calls as well as search for and record them from any location using the programmable voice function. As a result of the use of public key encryption, all call recordings are safe and secure.

What is the use of recording phone calls?

While call recording can be helpful in any department within the organization, the Sales and Customer Service divisions will surely gain the most from this service. Call recording has a wide range of uses. Agents and coordinators frequently utilize the following tools:

1. Recording phone calls for training

The use of recordings for training is one of the most beneficial and popular applications, particularly in call centers.

Calls placed or answered by knowledgeable agents are used by these platforms’ coordinators to instruct new recruits on what to do and how to accomplish it. Likewise, recordings of calls that were handled poorly can be quite helpful in instructing novices on what to avoid doing during a call.

2. Recording to improve the quality of customer service

These recordings of calls, whether done successfully or badly, also allow us to fix flaws.

As a result, they can assist us in identifying weak points in our arguments, ineffective marketing strategies, or responses from our target market to particular offers and promotions.

Therefore, this tool gives us the opportunity to more quickly increase our ability to react to actions that are not producing the expected results.

3. Other utilities of recording phone calls

Recording phone calls can be used for all the aforementioned purposes in addition to monitoring the performance of our agents and obtaining pertinent information about the calls, such as their duration, start and end times, or the employee who placed them.

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How to record a call with Android?

How to record a call with Android

Google recently made the decision to disable call recording in the most recent Android releases. Therefore, it’s likely that some programs won’t work on your phone. Basically, the automatic call recording capability is absent from latest Android phones.

If your cell phone is not an Android 9 or higher, you should have no problem with the Apps.

Here are two reliable and easy-to-use applications:

How to record a call with iPhone

How to record a call with iPhone

Recording a call with iPhone is a more complex process, as Apple is more restrictive with this function and currently it is not possible to do it without relying on an application.

The most effective and simple way to do it is to download an application that works as a recorder. We recommend the “RecMe Call Recorder” app, or the “Call Recorder” app. They will allow you to make the recording, store it and play it back freely. Of course, both of them are paid.

Is it legal to record a phone call?

As long as you participate in the conversation, it is acceptable to record phone calls. In other words, you are allowed to record every telemarketing call you get from a business without first getting their express permission. But take care—not every nation applies the same legal system.

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