5 Ways to Screenshot Snapchat Without Them Knowing (2023)

how to screenshot on snapchat without them knowing

Social media is a great way for people to connect online. Sharing pictures and videos among friends and family is a routine for many people. But there is always the question of privacy and security. While most applications are quite vulnerable to maintaining privacy, Snapchat became quite popular for its safety feature. If you take a screenshot of a snap, the app sends the owner of the snap a notification to alert them.

However, there are some ways to work your way around this feature. It is unethical to take screenshots of snaps, not to mention illegal in some nations. But if you cannot help yourself sometimes, make sure to do it the right way.

1. Google Assistant (Android)

Google Assistant is capable of doing things you would not imagine. Taking a screenshot of snaps is one of them. Google Assistant can take screenshots on Snapchat without the help of any third-party application.

The voice command option in Google Assistant is the best way to take screenshot. Typically, you would activate Google Assistant by long-pressing the home button. But a sudden click or short-press of the home button can cause your device to switch to the home screen. So it is recommended to use the voice command option by saying “OK Google” while taking a screenshot using Google Assistant.

The screenshots you take will not be saved automatically on your device. With Google Assistant, you can immediately share the screenshot(s) in other apps and access them later. The best way is to save the screenshots in a drive folder. Then you can download them whenever you want.

Make sure to share the screenshot right after taking it. Google Assistant will not save your screenshot, so you will lose it if it is not saved in a drive folder or another application.

2. Private Screenshots (Android)

Private Screenshots is an application you can use on any Android device. Many people are skeptical about using third-party applications because of the annoying ads that pop up every time you use them. But Private Screenshots has comparatively very few ads.

After you install the application, go into settings and enable the floating icon. The icon will ask for permission whenever you use it. A floating icon on your screen might be bothersome for some users, but it is convenient.

You can tap on the floating icon at any time, and the app will take a screenshot. You can use Private Screenshots to take screenshots on applications like Snapchat without the other person getting a notification.

It is a very useful app for taking screenshots. You can take multiple at a time and delete them later. Private Screenshots work great across multiple applications except for some of the protected ones, such as Netflix, the Incognito tab in the browser, and more.

3. Screen Recorder (Android & iOS)

Screen recorder is available across all Android and iOS devices. It allows users to take recordings of their phone screen and saves the recordings as video clips. You can use it to record the screen when you are using Snapchat.

With screen recorders, you can crop videos, share them and make GIFs. If you want to take screenshots, you must take them from the video recordings.


Most Android devices have the screen recorder option in the notification panel. Just scroll down the notification bar and tap on the “screen recorder” option to start recording. Suppose the screen recorder icon is missing from the notification panel. In that case, you may have to enable it by following a few steps.

Scroll down the notification panel of your phone screen and swipe right to see all the shortcuts. If you cannot see “screen record,” look for the little “edit” option on the left side of the panel. Once you find it, go into “edit mode” and look for “screen recorder.” Drag it over to the notification panel and place it where you wish. Then you can access the screen recording feature whenever you wish.

If you cannot find the screen recording feature in this method, your phone does not support it. You will have to install and use a third-party application from the Play Store for screen recording.


All iPhone users can use the screen recorder built into their phone if they have iOS 11 and onwards. The recording option is disabled by the default setting. But you can easily enable it with a few steps.

Go to Settings and find “Control Centre.” Then go to “Customize Controls.” You will see the “screen recorder” option in the list. Tap on the “+sign” option on the “screen recorder.” You can access the screen recorder by swiping on the bottom edge of your screen from the control panel.

4. Clear Cache & Storage (Android & iOS)

This step is a little risky, but you will not need the help of any third-party application. Just make sure you follow all the steps in the exact order. Otherwise, there is a chance that the other party will receive a notification when you take a screenshot.

You will have to log in again, so ensure you have all your account information.


First, let us see how you can follow this method on Android:

  • Open the Snapchat application and load the snap you want to take a screenshot. But do not watch the snap.
  • Then go to the notification panel and turn on the Airplane Mode on your phone.
  • Now watch the snap and take a screenshot.
  • Fore Stop the Snapchat By Going to Settings > Apps and Notifications > Snapchat > ‘Force Stop’
  • Now just go to Settings > Apps and Notifications > Snapchat > Storage > ‘Clear Cache’

Once you are done with these steps, turn off Airplane Mode and log in to your account again.


The steps are almost the same on an iPhone.

  • Open the Snapchat application and load the snap you want to take a screenshot of.
  • Turn on Airplane Mode from the control panel.
  • Watch the snap and take a screenshot.
  • Swipe up from the bottom of the screen and swipe up on Snapchat to enable “force stop.
  • Then go to app settings to find Snapchat and scroll down until you see Clear Cache

If you are unsure whether this method will work, do a test run. Take a screenshot of a snap and see if there is any notification on the other side. Then you can take screenshots for real.

5. Recording the phone on PC (Android & iOS)

Another effective way of taking screenshots of snaps is to record your phone from a computer. You need to have a few tools before following this method.

QuickTime (iPhone and Mac)

QuickTime is for iPhone users. First, connect your iPhone with your Mac with a data cable. Then access QuickTime Player and click on “New Movie Recording.” Then hover your pointer over the record and click to select iPhone, which is connected to the Mac.

The screen will then start recording your phone like a screen recorder. If you want to take a screenshot at that time, then use the shortcuts: cmd+shift+4.

LonelyScreen (iPhone and PC)

LonelyScreen is another application you can use on your iOS devices. Download the application on the computer and connect it with your phone through AirPlay.

ApowerMirror (Android/iOS and Windows/Mac)

Like LonelyScreen, just download ApowerMirror on your computer and your phone. Open the app on both devices and allow the app to detect the devices. Then you can find the recording option and start recording.

6. Use another phone to capture Snap

To record or photograph the Snapchat story without them knowing, you can use second phone. Even though it won’t make high-resolution screenshots, it’s still a good way to get around the problem. I think you should record your screen because you might not know how long the Snap will last. In addition, you only get one try at replaying the Snap before the sender is notified again.


Taking screenshots of snaps is considered a breach of privacy. In some countries, the practice might put you in legal trouble. So whatever your reason is for taking screenshots on Snapchat, do it in a discreet way to avoid problems.

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