Nvidia RTX 4050 vs 3050: Laptop GPU Comparison

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So, I have the new Nvidia RTX 4050 laptop and I was curious to see how it compares to its older version, the RTX 3050. I was personally very excited to test both of them, so I tested them in 8 different games to see how much better the RTX 4050 is compared to RTX 3050, which was released 2 years ago.

GPU Specs Difference

RTX 3050RTX 4050
GPUGA 107AD107
BOOST CLOCK1057-1740 MHZ1605-2370 MHZ

Before testing the games, let me explain some spec differences between the RTX 4050 and the RTX 3050. The RTX 3050 has 2048 CUDA cores, 64 Tensor cores, and 16 RT cores, while the RTX 4050 has 2560 CUDA cores, 80 Tensor cores, and 20 RT cores. These numbers indicate that the RTX 4050 has 25% more CUDA, Tensor, and RT cores than the RTX 3050.

The RTX 4050 also has a higher total memory capacity of 6GB compared to the 4GB capacity of the RTX 3050, and both GPUs support DDR6 memory.

In terms of memory speed, the RTX 4050 is also faster than the RTX 3050, with a memory speed of 16 GBPS compared to the 11 GBPS of the RTX 3050.

The boost clock speed of the RTX 3050 ranges from 1057 to 1740 MHz, while the boost clock speed of the RTX 4050 can go up to 2370 MHz due to its new Ada architecture.

Laptops Tested

Intel Core i5-11400HIntel Core i5-12450H
Check PriceCheck Price

Benchmarks in 8 Games

Cyberpunk 2077

RTX 4050 vs 3050 Cyberpunk 2077

The RTX 4050 laptop demonstrated a notable improvement in average frame rate compared to the RTX 3050 when running this game at high settings. With the RTX 4050, we experienced a 46% increase in average frame rate, allowing us to achieve a smooth 60 FPS gaming experience at high settings.

RTX 4050 vs 3050 Cyberpunk 2077 DLSS

Both the RTX 4050 and RTX 3050 GPUs offer support for DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) technology, which provides an additional FPS boost when enabled with balanced mode.

However, it’s important to note that only GPUs from the RTX 40 series have access to the new frame generation feature in supported games. This particular feature greatly contributed to the smoother performance of the RTX 4050 compared to the RTX 3050.

Hogwarts Legacy

RTX 4050 vs 3050 Hogwarts Legacy

The RTX 4050 laptop outperformed the RTX 3050 with a 15% higher average frame rate in Hogwarts Legacy at high settings. Specifically, it achieved an additional 7 FPS.

RTX 4050 vs 3050 Hogwarts Legacy DLSS

Both the RTX 3050 and RTX 4050 GPUs offer the ability to enhance FPS by enabling DLSS. However, similar to the case in Cyberpunk, it is once again the activation of frame generation that truly distinguishes the RTX 4050.

Spider-Man Remastered

RTX 4050 vs 3050 Spider-Man Remastered

In certain games, such as Spider-Man, the RTX 4050 showed higher average FPS compared to the RTX 3050. However, there were more performance drops observed in the form of worse 1% lows. These fluctuations could potentially be attributed to differences in the CPUs between the laptops.

RTX 4050 vs 3050 Spider-Man Remastered DLSS

Enabling DLSS with balanced mode had a negative impact on the performance of the RTX 3050 consistently, making it perform worse. However, the RTX 4050 showed improvement with DLSS enabled, further widening the performance gap between the two. Moreover, with frame generation activated, the RTX 4050 provided an even smoother gaming experience.

The Witcher 3

RTX 4050 vs 3050 The Witcher 3

During the testing of The Witcher 3 with its next-gen update, it was observed that the 1% lows were worse with the RTX 4050, despite it having a higher average frame rate. As a result, the RTX 3050 laptop provided a more consistent gaming experience in this case.

RTX 4050 vs 3050 The Witcher 3 DLSS

Similar to the previous case with Spider-Man, enabling DLSS in balanced mode actually resulted in decreased performance for the RTX 3050, while the RTX 4050 showcased improvement, nearly closing the gap in 1% low performance. The game in question also supported frame generation, and, like the other games tested, running it with the RTX 4050 provided a noticeably smoother experience.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

RTX 4050 vs 3050 Microsoft Flight Simulator

In the case of Microsoft Flight Simulator, a similar trend was observed. While the RTX 4050 achieved a 37% higher average frame rate compared to the RTX 3050.

RTX 4050 vs 3050 Microsoft Flight Simulator DLSS

Enabling DLSS on balanced mode improved the performance of the RTX 3050 laptop in Microsoft Flight Simulator. However, the RTX 4050 still maintained a 20% higher average frame rate with a slightly better 1% low.

A Plague Tale: Requiem

RTX 4050 vs 3050 A Plague Tale: Requiem

In A Plague Tale Requiem, there was no significant disparity in terms of 1% lows between the two GPUs. However, the RTX 4050 demonstrated a notable advantage with a 34% higher average FPS compared to the RTX 3050.

RTX 4050 vs 3050 A Plague Tale: Requiem DLSS

Both laptops showed improved performance by enabling DLSS with balanced mode, but the RTX 4050 maintained a significant lead over the RTX 3050. A Plague Tale Requiem also had frame generation support, which, similar to the other games, enhanced the overall gameplay experience.

Dead Space

RTX 4050 vs 3050 Dead Space

Among all the games tested, Dead Space showcased the most significant disparity between the two GPUs, with the RTX 4050 laptop achieving a remarkable 75% higher average frame rate. However, there was a less noticeable difference in the 1% lows, but at least the RTX 4050 did not perform worse in this aspect.

Apex Legends

RTX 4050 vs 3050 Apex Legends

In Apex Legends, the RTX 4050 exhibited higher 1% lows compared to the average FPS of the RTX 3050. Additionally, the RTX 4050 achieved an impressive 46% higher average frame rate in the game.

Average FPS in 8 Games

RTX 4050 vs 3050 Average FPS

Overall, the RTX 4050 laptop GPU was around 35% faster than the RTX 3050 laptop GPU across all 8 games tested at 1080p. However, the difference in performance varied depending on the specific game, as shown in the graph. For instance, the GPU difference hardly mattered in CPU-heavy games like Spider-Man, while more GPU-intensive games showed more than a 40% boost with the RTX 4050.

DLSS 3 vs DLSS 2 in 6 Games

RTX 4050 vs 3050 DLSS 3 vs DLSS 2

When comparing the RTX 4050 with DLSS on balanced mode and frame generation enabled to the RTX 3050 with DLSS on balanced mode, the difference becomes more apparent. It’s important to note that only the RTX 4050 benefits from frame generation since the 3050 does not support this feature.

Technically speaking, this graph isn’t that useful as we’re attempting to measure generated frames, but I don’t really have a better way of comparing it other than telling you I thought frame gen gameplay felt smoother.

Price Difference

So the RTX 4050 performs better, but how much more does it cost, and is it worth it? Pricing and availability will change over time, so check the links below for latest price.

Check Latest Price :
RTX 3050 Laptops
RTX 4050 Laptops

ASUS TUF with RTX 3050 graphics goes for $799, but I’ve seen it for both higher and lower amounts. At the time of launch, GIGABYTE G5 MF with RTX 4050 graphics costs $999.

Final Thoughts

The RTX 4050 provides a notable performance improvement over the RTX 3050 and could be worth the additional cost if it fits within your budget. However, considering that RTX 4050 laptops start from $1000 USD, it may not be a budget-friendly option for everyone. It’s worth noting that the RTX 3050 is expected to remain available, catering to those seeking a more affordable GPU option.

Based on my personal experience testing six games, I have found frame generation to be a valuable feature. As long as it continues to be implemented in new games, it is a feature that I would recommend the RTX 4050 over the RTX 3050.

The observed lower 1% lows with the RTX 4050 laptop in certain games raised concerns, and it is difficult to ascertain whether this is solely due to CPU differences. Nevertheless, I believe it is still worth considering investing an additional $200-300 to obtain the RTX 4050, provided it fits within your budget.

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