9 Things GTA 6 Should Learn From GTA 5 RP

Things GTA 6 Should Learn From GTA 5

Rockstar recently acquired the GTA 5 Roleplay MOD, FiveM, confirming that roleplay will be in GTA 6.

For those who don’t know what roleplay is, it’s similar to GTA 5 Online, but in this, you play the role of a specific character such as a gangster, police officer, army soldier, businessman, or even a doctor.

So, today I’m going to talk about 10 Things GTA 6 Should Learn from GTA 5 Roleplay.

1. Server Size

The special thing about GTA 5 RP is that more than 1000 people can play online together. Maybe these numbers seem small but in comparison with GTA Online where there’s only a server for 30 people, and even that doesn’t get fully occupied. Moreover, if a hacker joins, you won’t even be able to join a public lobby. That’s why, GTA 6 should have a larger roleplay server.

2. Ability to Buy Houses

I feel that there’s something missing in GTA 5; we can’t buy our own house in it, like we could in GTA Vice City or GTA San Andreas. However, in GTA 5 RP, you can purchase any house, be it an apartment or a luxurious bungalow. So, I wish that such properties should be introduced in GTA 6 so that we can buy and show off to our friends.

3. Real Life Cars

My favorite part of GTA RP is the real-life cars like Lamborghini, Bugatti, Tesla, Mercedes. Obviously, their real names can’t be used because permission from the brands isn’t granted. However, the car models in GTA RP look exactly like real-life cars, and their details are crafted with a lot of attention to detail. That’s why I want GTA 6 to have cars that resemble real-life ones, even if the names of the cars are fictional.

5. Emotes

Emotes might seem like a small thing, but in today’s era of multiplayer games, they are essential because they add fun in game experience. I mean like we do dancing emotes in PUBG Mobile after defeating an enemy.

In GTA 5 RP, there are 300-400 emotes, such as playing the guitar, raising hands, recording with a camera, or any other regular action. Some emotes are even for dancing, which looks very funny.

And I also wish that in GTA 6, the regular story mode should utilize emotes, whether during a mission or interacting with some random person.

6. New Locations & Buildings

Even though the map of GTA 5 might be dense and large, it starts feeling boring after a while, and I believe this problem will exist in GTA 6 as well. It will feel great for the first 2-3 times playing it, but once you’ve explored everything, you’ll feel the need for a new map.

Now, in Roleplay servers, they keep adding new locations over time, like adding a school, building a new police station, and changing the interiors of existing places like the government buildings, hospitals, and even houses.

7. Plan Your Own Heist

In Roleplay, you can plan heists at your discretion. Whether you want to rob a store or loot a bank, you can initiate the heist whenever you choose and determine your strategy accordingly.

Some people initially take a hostage. Therefore, when the police arrive, they can’t immediately attack. Instead, they must prioritize saving the hostage, often through negotiations. In the end, this may give you an opportunity to escape, or you might be caught and arrested by the police.

Many open-world games nowadays offer this flexibility in executing missions. I hope to see these features in GTA 6 as well.

8. Career Modes

As I said, in roleplay mode, you can choose any career option, whether you want to create your own business empire, become a police officer, a doctor, or anything you desire. This should also be available in GTA 6 Online.

9. Connection With Community

The developers of reputable roleplay servers are closely connected with their community and prioritize player feedback. They maintain dedicated Discord channels where players continuously communicate and offer feedback. If an update isn’t well-received by the majority, the roleplay servers remove it. I wish Rockstar would incorporate this feature into GTA 6 Online as well.

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