ROG Phone 2 Vs Nubia Red Magic 3: Best Gaming Phones of 2019

Today we gonna look at two of the top-line gaming phone of 2019. Asus rog 2 and zte nubia red magic 3 which is a well-priced gaming phone that packs a lot of punch.

Asus ROG Phone 2

The rog phone was just announced and it packs so many features. It comes in with a 6.5-inch display, 2340 by 1080p but what’s interesting by the display it’s hdr 10. In terms of course, it supports an hdr for games also comes in with a 120-hertz refresh rate. So which means everything’s bought a smooth but your touch sampling is 240 hertz. So it’s smooth you can see in the videos how fast and smooth everything just looks and runs on this device.


It’s powered by the brand-new snapdragon 855 plus processor, higher GPU performance and CPU performance. Compared to the regular 855 so you take full advantage of this in terms of your great gaming performance. You’ve got a massive battery at 6,000 milliamps so your gaming session should last longer than any other phone in the market. This is huge as gamers mobile. You’ve got a 30-watt quick charger on here as well so that charger time is cut down.


Now in terms of accessories, you’ve got some really interesting things. You’ve got this clip-on fan that comes in the back with the original rog phone. With this help cool your device when you’re gaming especially all the heat that’s gonna be generated off this thing. We also got touch panels on the very top of the device, so you can remap your keys to save things like pubg, the fire buttons on the top right. And so that you touch the screen and you can use that to move your cursor around. So those kinds of things is pretty cool on the device as well now a bunch of accessories like extra controllers.


Two cameras standard 48-megapixel camera which everybody is using, a 13-megapixel ultra wide camera. The fingerprint sensor is on display at this time. So again just a lot of really cool stuff on this device. Now pricing not fully set but it looks like it’s gonna be around 900 bucks. The original rog phone right now it’s priced at 620. So that’s why I’m guessing the price point for this device.

Nubia Red Magic 3

Moving over to the nubia red magic 3 priced starting at 479 bucks, yes. And why am I comparing this to the rog phone? – because this thing is a killer device that packing a lot of features at 479. That base price would give you 8 gigs ram but you can go up to 12 similar to this. Now this doesn’t come with ufs 2.0 like the rog phone does come but you can go up to 12 gigs of ram.


At 6.6 inch display resolution 2340 by 1080p. The display doesn’t have 120 hertz but it’s 90 here. It’s just a really fast refresh rate we get on a display that is nice I do like it. The fingerprint sensor is on the back of the device and you’ve got this nice strip led strip as well. Which I do like, it’s not as gaudy as the massive rog logo on the phone.


Now when you look at other aspects of the device on what you can you do, there’s a ton of stuff. It is powered by the Snapdragon 855 processor. Which is a beast and when you’re gaming the playing games like pubg You can go on extreme, this is the first device I use this year whacking a rule to switch on extreme without using any apps.

Game Center

You also have a game center with similar to rog. Into the game center, you can go and select your games. And you can also customize things you want to do in the game center. Like turning the fan, it’s got a built-in fan, so you don’t need that clip-on fan like the rog phone. Where it turns the fan speed higher within the device and cools it off. So that’s also pretty great.

The battery is a five thousand milliamp battery, not as big as a six thousand but still a huge battery. Although charging is only at 18 watts so you know that’s what you get right there with this device.

The camera is a 48-megapixel camera it’s a nice camera and takes some pretty nice photos similar to what the rog phone. There’s no wide-angle lens on the nubia device but the gaming performance on this thing is a beauty. It also has some nice speakers as well. When you look at both of them side by sid this thing is just a dope phone at $499.


Which would you pick up?

The rog phone 2, 120-hertz super sampling touch a 240, that cool accessory for closest about 900 bucks. Or would you go with something like the new red magic which has almost all the same features for $479 almost half the price.

My thoughts?

I think the new red magic 3 is the better device gaming device in 2019 so far.

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