Samsung Galaxy S10 Vs S10 Plus Vs S10e: Which One You Should Prefer?

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Today we gonna compare all the s10 lineup by Samsung to see which one is you crave for.


So first off let’s talk about cost so here with the galaxy s 10e here in us it is $759. With the s10 it is $899 and with the galaxy s 10 plus it is $999. Now all of these models do have 128 gigs of internal storage as a standard. They all do have expandable storage in the sim card tray, where you can add up to 512 gigabytes.

Design And Build

Now next on the exterior of the devices, they all do have the 3.5-millimeter headphone jack on the bottom of the phone. They have a USB c charging port so if you have galaxy s6 or an s7 it will come with a new charger that’s in the box. You have the speaker grille and a mic, down at the bottom. Now all of these do support the stereo speakers, so they speaker down there and the earpiece speaker will both play at the same time. So whenever you’re listening to music or movies you will have a louder sound.

Now next moving on to the left side of the phone they all have the volume rocker up at the top and then they do have the Bigsby button. So with the Bigsby button, you can choose to have it open a specific application or you can have it open Bigsby.


So here on the galaxy s10e, there is the fingerprint scanner and the power key. So if I want to lock or unlock the phone. You would just press fingerprint right on there it unlocks the phone. Now over on the s10 and the s10 plus it is just your basic power key. So you can lock the phone or unlock it with that the fingerprint is inside the screen of galaxy s 10 and the s 10 plus. It uses an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, so it takes a 3d map of your thumbprint. So when you want to go and unlock it all you need to do is place your finger on the screen and then it will unlock the screen.


Now that we’ve talked about all the things that are on the outside of the device, let’s talk about the internals of the galaxy s10. So over here on the s10e, it is the snapdragon 855 and that is the same on all of these. So they all have the same processor even though the s10e is a smaller phone and it doesn’t cost as much. But it has as much power and speed as the s10 plus.


Now next let’s talk about the ram of the phone so this is how fast and quickly you can jump around to different applications. So the galaxy s 10e has 6 gigs of ram, now the s9, and the s8, s7 every phone before this has only had 4 gigs of ram. So it did increase to 6 gigs and then the 10 and the 10 plus both have 8 gigs of ram and that’s on the 128 gig models. If you do want to purchase a phone that has more internal storage there are some differences. On the s10e if you get the 256 models, you will get 8 gigs of ram. The s10 if you get 512 gigs you still only get 8 gigs of ram.

But on the s10 plus if you get 512 gigs still only 8 gigs of ram. But if you go with the 1 terabyte model on the s10 plus it comes with 12 gigs of ram. If you want that extra ram you need to pick up the galaxy s10 plus in the highest capacity at 1 terabyte internal. And then you can also add a 512-gigabyte sd card to increase the storage on there.


Now the battery size of each of these is different the s10e is 3100 mah, the s10 is 3400 mah and the s10 plus is 4100 mah. So of course with bigger screen size and a bigger phone Samsung can place a bigger battery in here. Now, battery life kind of all depends on how you use your phone there are so many things that you could do with your phone. Somebody’s battery life on s10 plus maybe worse than the s10e just because they use their phone differently.


Now let’s talk about the size of the phone so the galaxy s10e is a 5.8-inch screen. Now that’s the same as the s9 or the s8 in comparison. The s10 this is a 6.1-inch screen so the size is pretty comparable to an s9 just slightly taller. So you get a little bit more screen real estate. Then on the s10 plus here we have the 6.4-inch screen. In comparison to note 9, you have the same screen size on the s10 plus and note 9. But you have fewer bezels at the top and the bottom of the phone so just as big a screen with less of a phone which is pretty cool.

We also have screen resolution so with the galaxy s10e we have 2160 by 1080 screen, so a 1080p screen. It is still a very high-quality screen, it is a little bit down from what Samsung usually does on their flagship phones. With the s10 we have a 3040 by 1440 resolution and then on the s10 plus we have the same 3040 by 1440 resolution. So what’s the difference there well with a smaller screen you don’t need as many pixels in the display. You can see that everything still looks super crisp and clear. But if you’re not really into the highest quality screen the s10e is just a fine screen, it’s still the dynamic AMOLED screen.


Now next let’s talk about the cameras, all in the galaxy s 10 devices so all of the front-facing cameras are the same except for the s 10 plus. Now all of them are 10 megapixels and they can record in 4k over, on the s 10 plus the extra little camera is a depth sensor. So that’s going to help improve your selfies so on all of these phones you do have the live focus option. That’s where it’s going to blur the background and keep you in focus. All are pretty much the same with s10 plus has an edge over others due to that extra camera on the front.

Rear Camera

Now let’s go to the rear camera, so there are three cameras on the back of the galaxy s10 and the s10 plus and only two on the s 10e. So each of these phones has a 12-megapixel dual-pixel camera so that’s the same camera we’ve seen on these Samsung phones for quite a while now. The second camera on each of these is the ultra wide camera. That means that you can see a lot more in the frame without having to back up or move at all. The third camera that is on the s10 and the s10 plus is the two times optical zoom camera. You can quickly zoom in on something and it doesn’t degrade the quality of the phone and again that is a 12-megapixel camera. Those are the differences in the camera.


Now to wrap this up to let me give you my thoughts on each of these devices and the benefits or what you’re missing out on.

So with the galaxy s10e, this is the most compact but you get so much with s10e. It costs only 749 dollars so it’s a little bit cheaper than the others but it still is super powerful. You have six gigs of ram built-in, it has the latest processing power. A few of the things that you do miss with this are the in-screen fingerprint scanner and the heart rate monitor on the back. As well as the 1440 resolution but the 1080p screen still looks great.


Now with the s10, you do have the slightly bigger screen, that is curved. You do have the in-screen fingerprint scanner and you have the extra camera on the back of the phone with a slightly increased battery.


Then with the galaxy s 10 plus we add one more camera here at the front. Then we also have the biggest screen the biggest battery and we have all those other features that the s10 has as well so really between these two, it’s more of size comparison and the extra camera on the front.

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