Best Universities to Study Technology

Specialties in the field of IT are considered very cool in the modern world of computer technology. In recent years, the profession of IT specialist has been at the top of the lists of the most attractive and desirable, especially among young people. That is why technical universities are so popular, but there are too many of them now and it is very difficult to choose one. We decided to help you and have compiled a list of the best technology universities around the world.

1. Stamford International University, Thailand

Stamford International University is a unique international educational institution in Thailand, more than 40% of its students are foreigners from all over the world. It offers quality, affordable English-language education, and awards degrees that lead to high-paying jobs. The university offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology. However, be prepared to study hard at this university as academic performance is highly regarded here. So if you have any difficulties with your studies, then just ask WriteMyEssayOnline for help. The curriculum lasts 3.5 years and is conducted entirely in English.

Through this program, students study software engineering, data science, network security, e-commerce, web development, software and application development, computer networks, and more. At the university, lectures are given by IT specialists from the Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, and Oracle.

2. Australian National University, Australia

One of the largest universities in Australia, Australian National University, has been holding leading positions in international rankings of educational institutions for several years.

For example, the QS World University Rankings ranked ANU # 1 in the national university rankings. In the global ranking, the university took a high 22nd position.

In addition, ANU alumni have the highest employment success rates of any Australian institution, according to the 2015 Emerging Global Employability Survey.

3. University of Cambridge (UK)

We want to tell you about the University of Cambridge – the best instructive establishment for studying data innovation in Europe. Coincidentally, a year ago it took the fourth spot in the rundown of the best colleges on the planet. Not bad, isn’t that so? Cambridge bolsters candidates and offers undergrad, graduate, and doctoral grants. There is a grant web crawler on the official site of the college. Grants are separated by specialty, understudy nation, and study program.

4. University of Michigan


It was established in 1817 on a little piece of ground. In any case, at present the University of Michigan, situated on 784 sections of land, has various degrees offered by this establishment in different disciplines, which is impressive. Notwithstanding, the most outstanding of these are the STEM fields. These incorporate innovation, building, science, and arithmetic. Albeit global popularity has not yet been won by this university. Be that as it may, the general score of this organization makes it fourteenth on the global rankings.

5. University of South Carolina

USC University, founded in 1801, is located in the capital of South Carolina, Columbia, with a population of 700,000. The favorable location of the campus allows students to participate in the rich cultural and artistic life of the capital of the state, as well as have the opportunity to undergo internships in the branches of large international corporations concentrated in Columbia. This includes such giants as Honeywell, International Paper, Michelin, Trane, Pirelli Cables, Bose, subsidiaries of well-known pharmaceutical and insurance companies, leading law firms, and advertising agencies.

About 33 thousand students from more than 100 countries study at the university.

6. University of California at Berkeley (USA)

Coming down from the fourth position last year, the University of California at Berkeley is still a very good university to study technology. Its highest score is in the citation of studies (in the Top 10, only Stanford has a higher score for this indicator). This university provides its students with a high-quality education, internship program and prestige diploma.

7. PFL (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne)

The Polytechnic University of Lausanne has 10,000 students. Lausanne itself is considered the center of many international organizations, including the UN, WTO, and CERN. This school is often compared to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It is the only university in Switzerland providing training for microtechnicians and communications engineers. The main language of instruction is French, but many curricula are taught in English. IT studies take place at the School of Computers and Communications. Graduates became founders of various companies such as Synopsys or Logitech. Masters study Engineering, Cryptography, Communications, Coding, and Mobile Networks.

Summing up

Since technology education is in great demand, we advise you to take a closer look at the universities from our selection. The degree in technologies will give you an opportunity to earn a lot of money and have high status in society. Good luck with your enrollment!