How to Clean a House Fast And Properly

Everything glitters. There is no dust at any place in the house. Even there are no stains. Who doesn’t love to be clean like this? But in urban life, even if you want the house cannot be kept so clean. Without a helper at home, it may not be possible to put everything in order at the end of the day. Stay messy?

At the end of the day’s work, you will return home to breathe a sigh of relief. What if it is unclean? You must be frustrated. The house is the source of all peace and happiness. When your house is in order, you will suppose in a better way. Undoubtedly, everyone can’t keep the house clean by following the rules every day.

However, there are a few magical ways to clean the house. It’s possible to solve the problem immediately if you know the magical ways. Then, find out some easy and fast magical tips and tricks to keep your house tidy.

How to clean your house fast and easy: (Handy tricks for you)

Most fresher aren’t sure if they should dust or vacuum first. They wonder whether they should clean the reading room before the bedroom or vice versa. Following the tricks step-by-step, you can find the entire process enjoyable and fun while you are cleaning. Throw on some best music so that you can move to the beat. Snacks and drinks should also be get-at-able while you are cleaning.

Whole House Clean:

It’s a great way to save time and clean your house easily and fast. Vacuum your house top-to-bottom, left-to-right. Start the highest point of the room and move from left to right across the room. This allows you to get into an impact, and more gets completed in a short period.

Clean Your Bed Room In 10 Minutes:

You can make your bedroom within 10 minutes. Surprised! Wondering how it’s possible? First, you should be prepared your key and remember exactly what’s needed to be done. Then do that one in one:

  • Make bed.
  • Get and put away clothes and clutter. Wipe down vanity.
  • Dust of nightstand and blinds.

If this is the bare minimum that you can do, your bedroom will be ready to serve your family and unexpected guest.

Clean Your Family Room:

You can do this job just in 5 minutes. Firstly, gather and put away clothes and clutter in a basket. Then, fluff and put back pillows. Finally, wipe down the dust surface of the TV, mantle, blind, etc. Apart from this, you also use a cordless vacuum lets you move faster.

Cleanup Your Curtains:

Vacuum your curtains using the brush attachment. You can also use a lint roller. That makes you fast, and you will remove all the dust and dirt very easily. Possibly, you can take your curtains to the dry cleaner and have them cleaned.


Clean all your windows using quality glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth. By using this, you will be able to clean the shortest possible time. You can hire a window cleaning company for the interior windows, especially for the upstairs windows or harder to rich windows.

Clean Your Kitchen:

Clean your kitchen cabinets using a microfiber cloth and an all-purpose cleaner. Upload/load the dishwasher and soak stove gaskets. It would be best if you wiped down the counters, sink, and microwave, oven, and fridge. Then, rinse the dervish with warm water, dry and put back stove and gaskets.

Clean Your Toilet:

The toilet is a great source of germs and viruses. So, it must be cleaned. You can quickly clean your toilet by pouring a cup of bleach into it. Brush under the rim and on the sides and wait a few minutes before flashing. By using, disinfecting cleaner, you can also clean your toilet easily.

Keep Your Tools Clean:

All these objects you have done extremely well. Now, your house is super clean. But if you forget to keep your tools clean, then your home is dirty again using dirty tools. Make sure that you clean all of the tools when everything at the finishing touches.

Finally, unclutter your house by giving away items you don’t use or throwing away items that you don’t need anymore.

That’s it! You’re cock! Reward yourself by having a nice meal at the restaurant and hang out sometimes or going to watch a movie. You’ve executed something great, and your house will look great, smell fresh, and be a healthier place to live in for you and your family.