7 Tips To Follow for Adding Excellent Voice-Overs to Your Videos

Sound is one of the most crucial elements in a video. Without good quality sound, it becomes irritating to watch a video. Sometimes, it is nearly impossible to understand what a video is trying to portray. 

That is why, whenever you are trying to create a new video, pay a lot of focus on how the sound quality is. Voice overs are an unavoidable part of any video. 

They not only help to add narration, but they alter the full effectiveness of the content. Voice overs help to evoke the emotions and thought among the listeners.

The proper use of voice-overs helps you to attract more viewers to the video. In simple words, voice-overs help to make a video much more intriguing and interesting as well.

Are you confused about how to add good quality voice over to a video? Don’t worry. We can help you in a brilliant way. In this blog, we are going to discuss with you some tips that will help you add excellent voice-overs. 

Best Tips For Adding Good Voice Overs

Adding Voice-Overs to Your Videos

In this segment, we have discussed some cool tricks and tips to help you a brilliant voice-over to any video. Take a look – 

1. Use a pop filter

Pop filters can help to add an excellent quality voice over to any video. They are handy when recording and can help to keep all kinds of plosive sounds away. You can even use a pop filter to help the artist speak from a correct distance on the mic. 

In case you are placing the pop filter at least 4-6 inches in front of the microphone, then it is easier for the artist to maintain distance. So, a pop filter is a great way to add good and premium quality voice over to any video.

2. Use a music stand

You can make good use of a music stand for reading out the script. The stand is not only going to help the voice over artist to stand at the right distance from the microphone but helps to minimize any kind of other noise. It is effective in eliminating the sound of paper rustling when the artist turns between the pages. 

You can even adjust the height of the script according to the artist’s preferences. So, he/she is going to attain better convenience when reading out the script.

3. Don’t Make The Space Too Live

It is really easy to add reverb or a roominess effect to the vocal, which is recorded dry. This can make it difficult to take the room ambiance out of the recording. In case you want to make the voice-over sit well inside a track, then you have to ensure that the ambiance of the room is minimal. 

When you are working in a big room with reflective walls instead of any professional vocal booth, you might want to use a good set of acoustic filters. They help to make them sound more clear and allows you to listen to the audio to video transition well. A lot of professionals even use reflection filters.

4. Keep a Copy Of The Script –

Adding Voice-Overs to Your Videos

Keeping a script of the entire voice-over is one of the best ways to make the process smooth and easy. But it is not as easy as it may seem. It is very common for an artist to forget any changes or line between the script. That’s why you will have to take the take once again. 

At the same time, make sure that the script is not very detailed, or else it can get really confusing to fathom which lines to read consistently.

5. Speaking Is a Different Task

You have to remember that speaking is different from talking. There’s a major difference between the two. Even though talking is a natural thing, when you are speaking, it imposes something. 

It clearly says that you are trying to create an impact and want the people to listen to you. When you are speaking, it engages your facial and body language, big time. 

In order to make sure that every word is audible and can be understood clearly, you have to speak clearly. Avoid speaking too quickly to prevent slurring nor too slowly, or else it becomes boring.

6. Pre-Read The Script

Just because you have clearly written a paragraph on the script, it does not mean that it can be read aloud very easily. The only way to be sure that you are reading the script clearly and loudly is to re-read it before the final take. If you have hired a voice-over artist, then be sure to rehearse the script with him/her. If you have made changes, then you have to allow the artist to read them first and then focus on the final.

7. Don’t Be Afraid To Mark Up

Marking up the script can help you make the script handier and more convenient to read the thing. Use a pencil to make small notes, cut lines, mark where to take a breath, when to pause, and many other such notes. The goal is always to ensure that the voice-over feels more natural and sounds absolutely original. 

That helps to create a better impact and delivers amazing clarity to the overall voice over. Rehearse all of this with the artist in order to make it more convenient for him/her to read the script.

Final Words

A voice-over in a video can transcend as a natural impact and help you deliver the emotions & power. Voice overs can allow your video to create more differences and reach out to more audiences who are listening. Make sure to follow these seven tips that we have discussed in this blog, and you will be able to achieve the best voice over you thought. Visit Voice2v and convert any file you want to.