Spider Solitaire: Basic Rules & Relevant Techniques to Win It

Solitaire has really gone a long, long way since its first release back in the 90s. You can look back on the good old days when this game was only available on your desktop computer. Now, however, it doesn’t take too much effort to play Solitaire because it has conquered the mobile world too! So, with a snap of your fingers, you can download a number of apps with various Solitaire card games that will make a good company for you when you’re bored and want to wind down. In this article, however, we’d like to shed light on one of the most popular variations of Solitaire, which is the Spider Solitaire card game. To know more about it, read below.

Playing Ever-Popular Spider Solitaire

Aside from the classic Solitaire, one of the most loved Solitaire onlinegames up to present is no other than Spider. There’s definitely no age barrier when it comes to playing this game. With that in mind, if you want to level up your gaming skills, #1 Multiplayer Free Solitaire Masters make sure that you master the basic guidelines and learn some techniques before you actually start playing it.

  • The main goal

Before anything else, you should know your main purposeof playing Spider Solitaire and that is to complete all the 8 foundations in a descending sequence by suit, starting with Ace to King. In the overall process, you will be dealing with two decks of 52 cards which are distributed accordingly ― on the tableau and on the stock.

  • The starting setup

Well, the game setup commences with the 10-column tableau and the stock. The first four 4 columns fromthe left come with 5 face-down cards and 1 face-up. The remaining 6 columns, on the other hand,have 4 face-down cards and again, 1 card is face-up. Finally, the leftover cards will be dealt face down to form the stock.

  • The basic rules

Unlike other Solitaire card games, this one is pretty straightforward. The only thing you have to consider is to assemble the full order of cards from King to Ace on the tableau. No color restrictions or whatsoever. Once completed, it will be automatically lifted to the foundation. You will win the game upon completion of all 8 suits in the foundations.

  • Key tips

In general, it’s possible to win every Spider Solitaire online game by knowing some helpful techniques to make use of. There’s a lot to know indeed but we will just focus on the most relevant tips. Thus, the first one is to give priority to the face-down cards from the tableau so you will expose the hidden cards. However, do take note that you cannot deal cards from the stock if there are empty columns. Another important tip is to move Kings to the open columns as soon as possible. This will help you smoothly transfer cards every now and then. And of course, don’t forget to maximize the “undo” button! This is your go-to instrument when playing any kind of free Solitaire game.


If you’re contemplating to be good at this particular Solitairegame, you might as well go all the way necessary for it, right? That’s the spirit, though! Spider Solitaire is such a fun and energizing activity for all ages. So, keep in mind all the information above and for sure you’ll become an expert-gamer in no time!