Important Features of the Visitor Entry System

Visitor Entry System is an integrated Visitor Management Software developed to serve small enterprises, M&E’s and other agencies requiring high efficiency in management of their visitors. The system has been developed after comprehensive research by the company. The main objective was to develop a Visitor Management System that can be easily implemented in organizations. It should be capable of collecting the data required for assessing the safety of an organization, while the employees are working in an office premise.

The goal of the visitor management software is to make an organization’s work easier by managing the records of the visitors efficiently. The key to achieve this goal is to have a digital visitor book that is updated as the work takes place inside the organization. It also helps in improving the workflow process by eliminating duplication of work. This digital system includes all the essential features of an organized Visitor Management System. Some of these features are outlined below:

* Digital visitor book – this is the most important part of the visitor entry system. This digital system stores the data of the visitors who have entered the building. The advantage of this digital system is that it enables you to access the record of any visitor without having to go to the records area. Besides, this feature helps you in checking the record of a specific visitor repeatedly. Moreover, if your organization requires you to do this task repeatedly, you can store the information on a particular computer and access it anytime you want to check the record.

* Security Checkpoint – this feature of the entry system works on the premise of a security checkpoint. When a person approaches the gate to the organization, the security personnel performs a security check to determine the authenticity. If the security checker finds any error, he alerts the security personnel.

* Tracking of visitors – The digital system has the ability to track the records of the visitors who have entered the building. This feature helps you to manage your records efficiently and to keep track of the records of every person who comes to your office for a particular purpose. The best part is that this system has the ability to transmit the data over the internet. Thus, you can view the records of the visitors at any point of time. Moreover, if the system has been set up properly, you can trace the address of the visitor too.

* Entry of Records – The main aim behind the creation of the system is to make the recording of the records as accurate as possible. This is done by categorizing the records of the visitors into different groups. This helps in the quick retrieval of the record as required. This system has been used widely in hotels, restaurants, casinos, banks, hospitals, schools, and other organizations to manage their records efficiently.

* Comprehensive security measures – The entry system also offers comprehensive security measures to the users. The system is designed in such a manner so that it provides a high level of security to the user. These security features help to reduce the risk to the organization. The most popular security options that are available with this system include biometric solutions, voice recognition options, and CCTV security cameras. All these security options help to ensure the protection, and safety of the visitors as well as the employees working in the organization.

There are various other features of some of the best visitor management systems that are helpful for the visitor management. These include the automated entry of names and the categories, verification of all the information provided by the visitor, record keeping of the records of the visitors and the record of their activities and mode of travel etc. These features help you manage the records more effectively. Thus, this system makes the task of visitor management easier and more effective.

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