Top Android Apps in 2021

We use smartphones nowadays for a lot of things. Today, we use our phones to listen to music, watch movies, play games, and interact with friends on social media platforms. Smartphones today make our lives easier, unlike a few decades ago when the story about telecom companies was different – phone calls, period.

That aside, the coming of smartphones opened avenues for apps that make life easier for us. Imagine you can pay bills with your phone among other tasks that needed in-person transactions not long ago. What’s cool about the smartphone is the portability feature. You can move around with it and solve all your errands on the go.

The following is a list of most useful android apps that make life easier. Feel free to see reviews on about their ratings and what other users like you say about the app.

Adobe apps

Adobe Inc. has some of the most useful apps you can’t do without. Adobe apps provide an array of solutions to android users, for example, Adobe Acrobat – PDF reader and online pdf editor like SodaPDF, Photoshop Express and Adobe Lightroom for photo editing, Adobe Illustrator for drawing, Scan – document scanner, Premiere Clip – video editor and many more. Use whatever Adobe app to make your work easier; remember most of Adobe android apps are free to download while others require an unbeatable low annual subscription to enjoy full features.


If you mind interconnectivity amongst your devices, this app is right for you. You can connect your PC to Android devices, and vice versa. Easily share files between your devices and quickly reply to messaging apps on the go. Add AirMirror and AirDroid Remote support for more functionalities. It provides the best way to interconnect all your devices together.


CamScanner is one of the best mobile document scanners available out there. Use CamScanner to scan documents using your mobile phone to send via email, social media, or to save on your PC or Android phone. It allows you to convert the scanned documents into different formats as you wish, e.g. PDF.


It is one of the most useful Android app ever. This app helps create a set of commands you can use to carry out tasks that could otherwise require your efforts. What’s fascinating about IFTTT is the ability to automate appliances and services remotely; for example, you can switch and turn on your smart home lighting system. Things even get better with their virtual assistants like Alexa for Google and Amazon and others. IFTTT does a lot of things, and you can get it for free!

Google Assistant

It is one of the most useful apps for tech-savvy nerds and not so techy. It consists of two basic items: Google Assistant & Google Feed. Google Assistant is there to answer any question you ask and control all smart appliances in your home. Google Feed updates you with all the latest. And it can specifically curate your searches to feed you with what you love to see on the newsstands.

I could not sum up this article without mentioning the Google Suite – docs, sheets, slides, photos, and keep. You have a fully fledged Microsoft office with Google Suite or even more.

Many cooler Android apps did not make it here, but they are fundamental in making our lives easier that you can bet on to define 2021.