Master’s Degree in Switzerland in English – Universities, Courses, Tuition Fees

The Master’s degree in Switzerland in English is taught in private Swiss business schools and universities of a hotel, restaurant, and tourism business. The programs of Swiss universities meet the high requirements of employers, thanks to a practical approach to training. Studying in Switzerland for a master’s degree allows you to get a higher education, which is recognized in all countries of the world and guarantees employment in prestigious companies. In this article, we want to show specific examples of universities where students can study in Switzerland, and why a master’s degree in Switzerland in English is a worthy investment in your future. Having said that, students need to realize that the study program is quite comprehensive, and they like to need some help, like biography writing services to be successful with their studies.

Education in Switzerland – important facts about the Master’s degree program

Duration of training: 1-1.5 years

Start of training: September, February

Minimum age: 21 years

Level of education: Bachelor’s degree

English level: IELTS 6.0 – 6.5

Master’s Degree program in Switzerland

Master’s degree programs in Switzerland are one-year or two-year higher education programs that lead to obtaining diplomas: Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Science (MSc), or Master of Arts (MA). Students can get a master’s degree at public universities or private universities and business schools. 

Despite the low cost of studying at public universities in Switzerland, many students choose private universities. Several good reasons choose in favor of a Swiss business education justified:

Private University in Switzerland focuses on jobs that are in demand by employers around the world: business management, international finance, hotel management, international relations, digital marketing, etc.

The main goal of studying in Switzerland is to gain practical experience, which is provided by universities through internships in prestigious Swiss companies. The internship is a crucial part of the curriculum.

Training in business schools in Switzerland takes place in an international environment. Thanks to the diverse national composition, students learn to interact with different nationalities, which helps them to adapt to work in any country in the future.

The programs of Swiss private universities and business schools are constantly updated to meet the ever-changing market requirements. This flexibility is achieved due to the close connection of universities with employers and with graduates. 

Master’s degree in Switzerland in English

The peculiarity of universities in Switzerland is that students can choose to study in French, German, or English. Most students who are planning higher education in Switzerland choose to study in English. Such an education in the future gives them more opportunities for employment around the world. In addition, English is the main language of business communication. 

Study in Switzerland, Master’s degree

Let’s look at examples of the most relevant master’s degree programs in Switzerland with teaching in English. The programs that we have chosen for you are the leaders of higher business education in Switzerland.

International University in Geneva

Geneva, Switzerland

Duration of Master’s degree: 1 year

Start of training: September, November, March, May

If you are interested in a master’s degree in Geneva, IUG is the ideal place to study. Master’s programs are designed for those students who want to start a prestigious career in business management and are ready to become a top manager specializing in business management, work in multinational corporations, international organizations, and government organizations. You can choose to study the following courses: business management, business analytics, sales and marketing, digital media, international management, international trade, international relations, and diplomacy.

Master’s degrees in IUG:

Master of Business Administration

Master of Business Analytics

ReaMaster of Arts in Digital Media

Master of International Trade

Master of International Relations and Diplomacy

Glion Institute of Higher Education

Glion, Buhl, Switzerland

Duration of training: 1-1.5 years

Start of training: September, February

Switzerland is the country where the hospitality industry originates from. The first training programs were created here, which trained specialists in the field of the hotel business, hotel and restaurant business, and tourism business. The first hospitality schools were also founded here. Glion Institute of Higher Education is the undisputed leader among Swiss hospitality schools and offers a master’s degree in Switzerland in such areas as international hotel business, real estate market management, finance, hotel business, Hospitality, entrepreneurship, and innovation, management of luxury brands. Studying at the Swiss University of Hospitality Glion is closely connected with the practice. 

The internship, which students can take in Switzerland and any other country in the world, is a mandatory part of the curriculum. The University enjoys an enviable reputation among employers.

Master’s degrees from the Glion Institute of Higher Education:

Master’s in International Hospitality Business

Master’s in Hospitality, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation

Master’s in Luxury Management and Guest Experience

Geneva Business School

Geneva, Switzerland

Duration of Master’s degree: 1 year

Start of training: September, February

The Geneva Business School is a leader in Swiss education in terms of quality and offers bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs, in which students build a real business network, becoming future business leaders. The education received at the Geneva Business School is highly appreciated by employers. The high quality of teaching is provided by highly qualified teachers, who in turn also run their own business in parallel or work in management positions in prestigious companies. 

Master’s degrees from Geneva Business School

Master of International Management 

Master of International Finance

Master of Digital Marketing

Master of Sport Management 

Master of Business Administration (MBA) degrees in Geneva at GBS

MBA in International Management

MBA in International Relations

MBA in Oil & Gas Management

MBA in Sport Management

How much does it cost to study in Switzerland for master’s degree programs?

Studying in Switzerland for MBA and Master’s programs is not cheap. But the cost of training is justified by further employment opportunities. One year of study at a Swiss business school will cost from 20,000 to 40,000 Swiss francs. In addition, students need to allocate additional finances for accommodation, meals, and related expenses during their studies in Switzerland. While studying at the Master’s degree programs, students have the opportunity to undergo a paid internship. An internship while studying for a master’s degree is a good opportunity to get practical experience and additional earnings. 

Experts advise you to consider higher education in Switzerland on master’s degree programs as an investment in your future career. Studying at universities here is based on obtaining practical skills and knowledge that solve real business problems. The career offices of Swiss universities are interested in your further employment because the university’s rating depends on it. Several times a year, educational institutions invite well-known companies to the campus so that students can get acquainted with different work options after graduation. Every university in Switzerland is also proud of its graduates, who in turn support students.