How To Transfer Songs to Huawei Watch 3

How To Transfer Songs to Huawei Watch 3

The Huawei Watch 3 and Watch 3 Pro both have sufficient internal memory (16 GB) to store music files (read MP3). There’s about 9GB set aside for these, so there’s plenty of room. It’s then simple to transfer songs directly to your wrist, but your watch must be up to date. This is the one that enabled the Health app to sync local songs from your phone to your watch.

The transfer of songs is something that anyone can do. You mark the songs you want to listen to in the Huawei Health app, and they are then transferred to the watch via Bluetooth. Basically, a few steps lead to the song being copied from your phone to your wristwatch. Expect a 10-minute transfer time if you’re transferring a large number of songs at once, such as entire albums. However, a few songs will be played very quickly.

Because the Watch 3 Pro has an integrated speaker, you can listen to music directly on it, but the sound quality is far superior when paired with wireless headphones. Then you can go for a run with your watch instead of your phone, listening to music you like. The watch can also control the Spotify streaming app, but you must have it installed on your phone and carry it with you. Because the Spotify app is not available in the AppGallery due to a US embargo, you can learn how to install Google Play on Huawei smartphones in this article.

How to Upload Music to Huawei Watch 3

  1. Launch the Huawei Health app and click on “Devices” below.
  2. Now go to: Music / Manage music / Add songs
  3. Select songs and confirm with the (right) button in the top right.
  4. Wait for the music transfer to complete.