Best Motherboard for i7–9700K [2022 UPDATED]

Best Motherboard for i7–9700K

The Core i7-9700K is Intel’s latest entry into the high-end computer processor market. While the real 8-core 9700K represents a significant improvement over the quad-core 7700K, Intel’s choice to skip hyperthreading and confine the 9700K to a certain eight threads is ridiculous.

Another letdown is that the 9700K is still constructed on the same 14nm technology as Intel’s i7-6700K from 2015. However, the Core i7-9700K is an improvement over last year’s 8700K. By improving their old 14nm process even more, Intel was able to fit two additional real cores into the 9700K and improve the CPU’s boost frequency from 4.7 to 4.9 GHz.

Below, we’ll look at the top motherboards for the i7 9700K. Because of a tight budget, some consumers are more focused on value-added items.


This list of the top motherboards for i7 9700K has something for every gaming enthusiast in terms of price, power, port count, and overclocking potential.


Motherboard for i7–9700K

Gigabyte is a well-known name in the gaming business, and in terms of hardware, it provides high-quality motherboards in addition to graphics processors. Due to its superior thermal designs and exceptionally robust build quality, the Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Ultra motherboard earns a place on our list.

Because of its sturdy and long-lasting needs, this motherboard is unquestionably a significant element of the gaming business. To maintain the thermals, heatsinks are placed on practically every area of this motherboard.

In terms of RAM, it offers four DIMM slots that allow dual-channel non-ECC DDR4 memory at speeds up to 4400MHz. It boasts a highly sturdy LGA1151 CPU socket on the left side that fits all 9th and 8th Intel Core CPUs. If you’re looking for motherboards for i7 9700K, you can consider this one.

It boasts a particular set of qualities, most notably its RGB fusion appearance. The LED can be seen glowing nicely on the motherboard’s chrome panel. It will allow you to utilize vivid colors and reconstruct the system just how you want it.

The innovative thermal design, together with high-quality VRM, allows you to overclock the Core i7 9700K to above 5.0GHz, and the Smart Fan 5 technology optimizes fans to deliver the greatest possible circulation.

The 12+1 Phases Digital VRM Solution with DrMOS included on this motherboard is a significant contributor to its excellent performance. It’s also nice to notice that all three M.2 slots have thermal protection. Because all of the components on this motherboard are quite secure, Gigabyte included an integrated I/O shield.

Many motherboards do not include onboard Wi-Fi, which is critical in today’s world. This board, on the other hand, has an innovative wireless adapter with the possibility to enable exceptional wireless functionality. It comes as a major surprise to gamers and other individuals who consume content entertainment online.


Motherboard for i7–9700K

Efficiency is the most important feature of any device, according to skilled players who seek a good gaming device. Nothing affects the productivity of a computer system more than its motherboard.

If you have a decent motherboard and a quality computer, you can play all your favorite games. A few of the greatest products on the market were available under the ASUS motherboard name. ASUS Prime Z390-A is among the finest motherboards for the i7 9700K you can get.

This motherboard is intended for newbie users who are just starting out in the difficult gaming community. It provides some fundamental features as well as overclocking possibilities. It is also an intriguing option to consider since the motherboard is inexpensive.

When it comes to the aesthetic of the ASUS Prime Z390-A, it comes in black, silver, and white. You also have the RGB and AURA Sync compatibility included in for a white back panel surrounding the heatsink. The PCB includes a white pattern style that adds some beauty and helps it stand out from other Z390 options.

While it may not appear to be as extensive as a few of the other premium motherboards, both gamers and normal users are provided with the functionalities they seek. Overclocking capabilities take precedence over all other features.

Prime Z390-A employs audio codecs that are compatible with Realtek. It also features a fantastic signal-to-noise ratio of 120 dB, which improves performance. This noticeably increases the audio quality. The program will modify the gain to produce the best possible headphone sound. The feature may be readily expanded to support universal audio.

It features a large amount of storage capacity and is compatible with a variety of systems and CPUs. Each slot has four 64-GB RAM slots, and DDR4-4266 is compatible.


Motherboard for i7–9700K

If you have the room in your chassis and want a great motherboard for i7 9700K, the MSI MEG Z390 Godlike comes with a long range of features. There are four PCIe x 16 slots on this board, four DIMM slots that support up to 4600 MHz DDR4 RAM, three PCIe M.2 connectors, and a 16-phase power architecture.

This motherboard also includes RGB features. MSI’s Mystic Light software allows you to personalize a few RGB panels and also RGB strip headers. Apart from the curved heat shields and cases, the remainder of the board is very basic in appearance.

This board also has an incredible number of choices on the rear panel. Wi-Fi antenna connectors, a “Double Killer” E2500 Gigabit LAN, HD Audio connectors, a plethora of USB ports, and even a 6.3 mm headphone jack are all there.

If you are scared about messing with settings, there’s a “Game Boost Knob” at the foot of the board that lets you overclock the CPU to one of 11 preset levels quickly. There are also buttons for forcing the machine to boot into BIOS, retrying OC settings, and switching from stored BIOS settings. For those that wish to monitor data in live time, you also get a dedicated POST display plus MSI’s Dynamic Dashboard.

However, you’ll have to pay a hefty extra to get this motherboard for i7 9700K, making it only suitable for the most ardent builders. It’s reasonable to say that individuals purchasing this motherboard would be looking for some remarkable overclocking performance, which it easily achieves.


Motherboard for i7–9700K

Most consumers are drawn to the brand Asus. For its high performance and performance rates, the brand has a well-known name in its surroundings. It is not unreasonable to state that Asus is one of the world’s top operating manufacturers. This is due to the fact that they have retained their performance and quality. Asus rarely sacrifices amenities or efficiency. Following that, the ASUS ROG Strix Z390-I Gaming motherboard is ideal for gamers looking to create a Mini-ITX ROG Strix Z390-I Gaming PC.

The motherboard is highly compliant with all Intel 9th generation and older-generation CPUs. It has two DIMM ports that enable dual-channel DDR4 RAM up to 2400MHz in such a compact form factor. Furthermore, it has twin PCIe M.2 ports for storage devices and two USB 3.1 accessible headers for front panel communication.

It has a PCIe x16 Graphics connection, which is sufficient for practically any Graphics card to be used with this motherboard. Aside from that, it offers a variety of programmable headers for RGB lighting, blades, and Fan Xpert 4 gives a flexible cooling system. The general style and manufacturing quality of the motherboard are excellent; however, the price is a little high.

When you need a motherboard for i7 9700K, you will be glad to find the Asus Rog Strix Z390 combines all of the features in a tiny size. Adding additional CPU cores gives increased performance in a relatively compact form size, which is ideal thanks to comprehensive cooling choices and better power supply.

The fan control mechanism and instructions are simple to grasp. It’s a fantastic mini-board with a plethora of powerful features that will meet the demands of the majority of players.


Motherboard for i7–9700K

You may simply construct an efficient rig with the superb ASRock Z390 Phantom Gaming-ITX/ac. This was our preferred selection for a compact form factor PC equipped with a Core i7-9700K. The motherboard is rather self-assured.

Because the Mini ITX form size typically constrains manufacturers in their design, typically Mini ITX boards feature poorly working VRMs. However, you will have no problems with the VRM part of this motherboard You will enjoy and appreciate its perks the most if you wish for a strong CPU to stay steady and work flawlessly even while under strain.

This board incorporates a 5 phase VRM featuring 60 Amp power stages, as well as a huge heatsink for good cooling. And this is crucial if you choose a Mini ITX board.

The majority of its characteristics are ideal for a board of this size. This board fully supports 32 GB of RAM and DDR4 memory up to 4500. You even get two DIMM slots, which are available on each and every Mini ITX board. If you need a large number of fast SSD storage, the 4 x SATA3 6.0 GB/s connections and two M.2 slots will come in handy.

The board has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0 capabilities. The design is tight, but there are enough heat pipes to provide steady performance under stress. You don’t have many RGB lights, but you can add RGB LED strips if you like. The pricing might seem expensive, but this is among the finest Mini ITX motherboards for i7 9700K.


Motherboard for i7–9700K

There is a lot of confusion among gaming PC builders when it comes to selecting a motherboard for the 9700K. Some people claim that Z390 chips are more expensive than Z370 chips. The ASRock Z370, on the other hand, disproves this theory by being competitively priced.

Despite its modest price, the ASROCK Z370 Extreme 4 gaming motherboard gives consistent performance when coupled with game CPUs such as the 9700K. It boasts a 12-phase power architecture and up to three PCIeX16 slots for increased performance.

Due to its lower price range, this motherboard obviously lacks built-in WiFi/Bluetooth and some other high-end capabilities. However, in terms of performance, it competes with some of the greatest motherboards on the market, such as the MSI Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon.

Another issue we observed throughout our testing was that the temperatures of the low-quality VRMs climbed while the benchmarks were being run. However, the thermal graphs demonstrated that the temperatures remained within a reasonable range for a low-cost motherboard.

Aside from thermal management, this gaming motherboard distinguishes itself by allowing you to quickly overclock your 9700K. If you have a motherboard like this, you may have to spend extra money on gaming RAM, CPU coolers, and power supplies.


These were our top selections for the finest motherboards for i7 9700K that you should think about utilizing in your next PC setup. Because we have examined motherboards in practically most price ranges and form-factors, you should have no trouble selecting the ideal one for your computer.

Choosing the ideal motherboard for i7 9700K depends on the characteristics that are important to you. The needs vary depending on the user. A gaming enthusiast, for example, will undoubtedly seek anything that appears to be the most recent technological advancement. A streaming enthusiast would want what works best with open-source streaming sites. A developer would appreciate helpful features for smart hardware testing. This is why it is critical to review the specifications and downsides of each motherboard.


What is an ideal motherboard for the i7 9700k?

There is no perfect answer for that since everyone has their own preferences. Users can choose any motherboard they wish for their i7 9700K. Every motherboard can offer something special in terms of performance, speed, and additional features.

Is the i7 9700K a good processor for streaming?

Yes, the graphics cards and audio boosters equipped with the i7 9700K make it an excellent chip for streaming enthusiasts. But, substantial overclocking is necessary for optimal streaming. However, the majority of i7 9700K consumers are pleased with its streaming ability.

Is the i7 9700K a future-proof processor?

Future-proof is a word that is more commonly associated with future predictions. People are still wondering if the processor will be able to compete in the next few years. Because the i7 9700K and i7 8700K are so identical, we can claim that the i7 9700K is an evolving processor that will be difficult to affect in the near future.