Best CPU Coolers Under $50 for Intel & AMD [2022]

Best CPU Coolers Under $50

Intel has just upped its game with the latest generation of motherboards in its competition against AMD. While the newer generation of motherboards from both Intel and AMD package a lot of power and functions, it is inevitable to mention that they both have hefty energy consumption and produce a lot of heat.

Having a good CPU cooler could solve the problem of excess heat production. If you are on a tight budget and looking for CPU Coolers under $50, you have come to the right place. We are here to cover all your queries regarding the ideal CPU cooler that you can get for your limited budget.


Below we have compiled a list of 5 CPU Coolers in demand due to being right under budget while providing an excellent value for that pricing. These are as follows:

1. Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO

cpu cooler under 50 dollars

If you are looking for an incredibly compact and light CPU cooler while making sure that it provides an excellent output strong enough to cover a large amount of heat, the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO CPU Cooler could be your right fit.

The cooler has been manufactured by Cooler Master, which is very popular among most computer users. This model has been designed using the CDC (Continuous Direct Contact) technology. This increases the efficiency in dissipation and transfer of heat. This is particularly effective when all the threads inside the processor are occupied with tasks, and the heat needs to be transferred as quickly as possible so as not to overheat the circuits.

In addition, it also decreases the amount of sound being produced while keeping the CPU temperatures as low as possible even when it is being overloaded with tasks. The cooler has been designed to keep the background sound to a minimum, not creating much sound pollution while the CPU is overworked.


cpu cooler under 50 dollars

The second entry on our list has yet to rise in popularity as much as the Cooler Master. However, it packs with itself enough power to put enough more expensive higher-end CPU Coolers into shame. Besides being inexpensive, this cooler is also compatible with almost all CPU types, including many Intel and AMD sockets.

It has been thoughtfully designed with a hive fin structure that will remove the heat produced by the computer at a rapid rate. It provides enough ventilation so that the cooler fans never overheat.

It has three copper pipes connected to the base of the cooler. This means that the fans are a great conductor of heat. They will absorb the heat from the processor with higher proficiency and rate. In addition, it has a very small structure of 145 mm in height to fit most small ITX cases. You should still measure the size of the compartment the cooler will be fitting on before installing it up to be on the safe side.

3. ARCTIC Freezer 34 eSports DUO 

cpu cooler under 50 dollars

It doesn’t matter whether you are only working on your PC. With this CPU Cooler, you could even have enough support to play games without worrying about the amount of heat produced. This model of ARTIC Freezer Cooler is a highly recommended CPU Cooler under $50 if you are under a budget but still need something for a little heavier usage.

It has a dual-fan technology along with four different pipes. The copper pipes have been reinforced further with a unique thermal coating. This ensures that while the setting itself is a great conductor, it is also a good insulator. This prevents the heat from transferring back into the processor.

Furthermore, under regular workloads, the fans are quiet, but they get a little noisy when you crank them up to full speed. When your CPU reaches the ideal temperature, the automated fans turn off.

4. ID-COOLING SE-224-XT Basic 

cpu cooler under 50 dollars

One of the cheapest CPU coolers out there is the ID-COOLING SE-224-XT Basic CPU Cooler. It is cheap while providing excellent service because it doesn’t have as many fancy functions as similar coolers in the industry. It is elementary and old school.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can underestimate the cooler. The CPU Cooler comes with an aluminum sink for breathability designed with microwave structure fins that increase the surface area for better heat dissipation. The sink has four 6mm copper pipes with direct touch technology for better heat transfer from the processor to the cooler.

When it comes to top performance, the cooler has also beaten several top coolers in the industry. A great feature about this CPU cooler is that it offers perfect RAM compatibility. It does not interfere with the functioning of the nearby RAMs and RAM slots caused by the heat slowly spreading to other computer parts.

5. Noctua NH-L9i

cpu cooler under 50 dollars

The Noctua NH-L9i is one of the most affordable gaming cooler fans that have its fair share of fame and reputation in the market for CPU Coolers under $50. The cooler has been streamlined and slimmed down based on previous models to produce a cheaper yet effective alternative to its more expensive former models.

The 4 pins and the heat sink have been manufactured with a very dense structure to ensure that the heat is dissipated much more quickly while consuming less energy. This has been achieved, particularly with the increased fins in the heat sink.

Excess noise production has been a problem of all the previous models. However, the case is solved in Noctua NH-L9i due to a built-in SSO bearing in the fans, decreasing the number of sound decibels produced. The fan is quiet and does not produce sound higher than 25.1 dBA under any circumstances. In addition, it will remain silent when your PC is not being used.

6. Cooler Master MASTERAIR MA410P

cpu cooler under 50 dollars

We discovered this Cooler Master air cooler during our search for the finest CPU coolers under $50. Additionally, this CPU cooler has a tiny footprint, which makes installation on AMD and Intel motherboards simple.

The 120mm RGB fans allow you to customize your gaming gear with thousands of color schemes for a trendy appeal. If your motherboard is not RGB-enabled, it comes with a wired RGB controller. Additionally, it features four heatsinks that are directly connected to the base. The structure of the narrow fins enables cooler air to enter more efficiently and accurately.

This inexpensive RGB CPU cooler stands slightly taller than the others on our list. However, at 158mm in height, it fits neatly inside the majority of gaming PC tower cases. The well-designed fan bracket simplifies the process of replacing the original fans for improved cooling. This may be the best option if you’re purchasing it for AMD-compatible motherboards.

Despite its low-quality plastic construction, this CPU cooler is quite effective at maintaining a stable temperature at higher clock speeds. It’s a tall order for an air cooler for around $50.


cpu cooler under 50 dollars

The DEEPCOOL GAMMAXX 400 gaming CPU air cooler is one of the most cheap options on the market. To be honest, it’s one of the best budget CPU coolers available. As with other low-cost aftermarket CPU coolers, this one features four 120 mm fans and four heat sink pipes to help your gaming rig stay cool.

This cooler comes equipped with a blue LED to add a splash of color to your custom PC. Because it supports virtually every socket on Intel and AMD platforms, this low-cost cooler may be a good option for video editing CPUs.

If you overclock older generation Intel and AMD CPUs, you won’t notice any difference in fan noise. However, if you have only six cores, this works quite well. Increased core count on a CPU will surely generate more heat, which will result in increased noise. Unless you’re a gamer, this is one of the best CPU coolers under $50.


Finding a CPU Cooler under $50, especially when there are several other far more expensive options, might seem suspicious at first glance. While you should remain cautious, there are several factors that you should consider.

You will need to form buying strategies based on these certain factors and whether the specs are compatible with your computer. These factors are as follows:


While low-end PCs do not have a processor with more robust overclocking capabilities and cores, higher-end ones are more relatable. The amount of heat produced depends highly on the processor’s capabilities and the maximum number of logic cores and threads to complete a function.


When buying CPU Coolers under $50, you must check whether the size of the cooler will fit the size of your computer. CPU sizes differ from each, especially the compartment where the cooler is supposed to be fit. In addition to the required space for the cooler, there must be enough sink space so that the cooler is not too packed inside the CPU case.


The CPU cooler will be fit into the processor with a line of the socket. The type of socket present in the processor will depend on whether AMD or Intel manufactures the processer. Different CPU coolers have different socket builds, so you must buy the one with the correct socket before setting it up.

Build Type

There are mainly two types of CPU Coolers available for PCs- Air cooler and liquid cooler. Traditional computers use air coolers, while modern ones use liquid coolers because of their efficiency and excellent coverage. The type of cooler you need to use will depend on whether your PC is high-end or lower-end. Do note that liquid coolers are more expensive.

Conductivity and Insulation

A good CPU cooler must be a good conductor while it is functional. This means that when the PC’s processor produces heat, it must be able to conduct the heat and take it in. In addition, it must also be partially insulated. This will allow it not to lose the heat it has gained back into the processor. On the other hand, it should also dissipate the heat to the background as quickly as possible while keeping the electricity consumption to a minimum.


With this, you should be clear about what CPU Coolers under $50 you could buy. There are plenty more CPUs other than the ones included in our list. If you are considering buying one not from this list, make sure to do your research and the complementing factors before deciding to buy them. You will only be thankful to us later on.