5 Ways to Fix Spotify Wrapped 2021 Not Working or App Crashing Issue

Fix Spotify Wrapped

Spotify Wrapped is a new feature that was launched by Spotify in Dec 2016. Since then, it has been subjected to much recognition. The feature is an amalgamation of programs that serve the purpose of creating a music playlist that is different for each user. If you are a regular user of Spotify, then you have the wrapped feature to thank for when accessing your playlist.

Even though Spotify Wrapped has such an important role, it is not without its problems. In this article, we will be covering everything that you will need to know in case you ever face any problem with your Spotify Wrapped feature. Keep reading, and before you know it, you will be able to master how to fix Spotify Wrapped issues without creating a mountain out of the mole.


There are several reasons why the Spotify Wrapped feature might malfunction. If you intend to fix Spotify Wrapped, it is impervious that you know the reasons that cause these maelstroms of problems. Some of these reasons have been stated below:

  • The App is outdated.
  • Networking issues.
  • Corrupted data files.
  • Inaccurate cache memory files.
  • Technical issues with the App caused by bugs.


There could be plenty of methods that you can use to fix Spotify Wrapped problems. Below we have mentioned 5 of the ideal ‘sure-fire’ way that is guaranteed to solve the malfunctioning issue. While writing the solutions, we will be under the assumption that your device is compatible with the App and works perfectly fine.

Method 1: Restart Your Device

This is the oldest and most commonly used solution in the book. If any application doesn’t work on a certain device, the user will always reboot the device almost at an instinctual level.

You will notice that when the app malfunctions, it is frequently due to technical glitches. This causes certain functions in random applications to go haywire. This happens because you might have been using too many applications together. It may have caused the disk space of your device to be overloaded. While this usually results in some of the open applications, including Spotify to crash, features like ‘Wrapped’ might also show malfunctioning.

If you aren’t familiar with rebooting your phone, all you need to do is follow the following steps. Your phone should be safe from any possible issue as long as it is a harmless glitch and it has no other problems like malware.

  1. To reboot your phone, you need to first locate the power switch of the device.
  2. Press on the power button for a few seconds till an options window appears on the screen.
  3. Press on the restart button.
  4. When your device has been rebooted, remove all the applications that were running previously from the taskbar. Additionally, you can opt for optimizing the RAM of your phone.
  5. Now check whether you were able to fix Spotify Wrapped problem and if your App keeps crashing anymore or not.

Method 2: Manually search for Spotify Wrapped in the App

If you have recently upgraded your software or registered a new account in Spotify, then there is a high chance that your Wrapped program hasn’t been activated. Do note that several cases have been seen where the Wrapped button wasn’t available on the home screen of the application. Even if you keep looking for it manually, you won’t be able to find it out.

In these cases, it is a good option to toggle towards your search button and type what you are looking for. Depending on what OS you are using, whether your device is an Android or IOS, the search button will be positioned differently. Use the instructions given below for efficient tracking. This method was specifically created in the year 2021 to fix Spotify Wrapped.

  1. Enter the Spotify application.
  2. Open search by tapping on the magnifying glass icon or pressing on the blank space with search written on top of it.
  3. Type “Spotify:special:2021” on the search window. Several search results will be shown. The all-new updated 2021 Wrapped should be on this list.
  4. Tap on it, and it will open, similar to how an Instagram story presents itself.

Method 3: Switch the Internet connection off and then turn it on again

The Internet is always a fickle thing. Sometimes it provides the best service that you can never dream of. At other times, the Internet icon will keep showing that you are connected. But when you enter applications, they refuse to work.

The Spotify app, including the Wrapped function, requires Internet access to work. If the Internet keeps fluctuating over an incredibly high range, the App will keep presenting an error popup or even crash without any warning. A stable network is one of the most important things if you want to access Spotify safely without having to face any potential issue.

The ideal way to tackle issues caused by your Internet connection is to connect and disconnect to the network. Follow through the following steps before checking on whether Spotify is back online or not.

  1. For starters, close the Spotify application.
  2. Log out of your internet connection.
  3. Tinker with the switches and turn the main Wi-Fi off and then on.
  4. Check on whether all the lights that were previously present in your router are still present.
  5. If the routers are giving the correct lights and signals, connect to the Internet.
  6. Check whether your Spotify is working properly.

If problems keep persisting, and you are unable to fix Spotify wrapped and similar issues due to the Internet, check with your Internet Service Provider (ISP). They will be able to give the right solutions which you require.

Method 4: Removing Cache of Spotify Wrapped Manually

Most problems built around a certain application, even when there are no issues with the RAM, can be solved by clearing away the cache memory. For those who don’t know what cache is- cache is a bunch of extra data that are stored in hidden places. They serve their purpose so that future requests for that data can be served faster.

Spotify isn’t an exception to the cache memory. If the hidden memory slot gets overloaded with cache, it might result in unforeseen effects starting with the tab crashing.

You can follow through with the procedure below to fix Spotify Wrapped issues safely and efficiently.

  1. First, click on the settings menu and toggle down till you find the App section.
  2. Enter Apps and find out Spotify among the list of Apps.
  3. Click on the storage of the Spotify App.
  4. Click on both cache memory remove and data remove.
  5. After all the memories have been cleared, check whether you can access Spotify properly right now without any issues.

Method 5: Update the Spotify App

Suppose the problem persists after you have cleared the caches and all corrupted data, consider following our final method. One of the major problems behind why you can’t fix Spotify Wrapped is because of some unforeseen bugs at play.

To solve such issues at hand, check on your Store and find out whether there are any updates available at that time. Normally, updates are created to solve any bug issues that may arise over time. If you keep skipping updates- your App will start malfunctioning due to various incomplete loopholes that the bugs affect.

Aside from removing bugs, updating also has several other perks. These perks could bring in a better system design, improved features, better flawless music systems, and of course, more functions. Follow the process that has been listed below if you are going to update the App after you have been skipping it all this time.

Also, while you are at it, remember to never skip your updates in the future. Outdated apps attract bugs like flies are attracted toward the fire.

  1. First, enter Google Play Store, for android-users, or App Store, for IOS users.
  2. Enter the place or tab where all your applications are stored.
  3. Toggle down till you can find Spotify.
  4. Check whether there is any update available at the time of searching.
  5. If yes, click on the update option.
  6. Spotify should work properly after this.


When it comes to ways that you can fix Spotify Wrapped, there are several solutions at hand. While not all are guaranteed to work, one of them definitely will. Additionally, you can also choose to delete and reinstall the application since this too gets rid of the corrupted data and any caches. What’s more, when you are reinstalling the application, you are receiving the latest version. The method you want to use completely depends on the choice you make.

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