20 Best Free Aesthetic Notion Templates

Best Aesthetic Notion Templates

Notion has quickly become one of the hottest things in recent years, and we can see clear reasons. Often promoted as the holy grail for people who want to be efficient and work at their max productivity, Notion is a note-taking app that allows you to organize your schedule, track your deadlines and set your goals.

People usually make their Notion layout eye-pleasing as it boosts motivation and makes streamlining your life enjoyable. If you ever wondered about making your Notion dashboard aesthetic too, look no further as we will be listing the 14 best and free aesthetic Notion templates to choose from in this article.

Habit Tracker

Habit Tracker

Created by one of the best minds, Youtube Thomas Frank, Habit Tracker allows you to get the satisfaction of ticking off the goals you met in a day and build upon them to create positive habits. Habit Tracker template is desktop and mobile-friendly, thus giving you an aesthetic insight into your daily habits on the fly.



Students constantly have to create schedules, track assignments, and even do side hustles. The StudyOS template cuts down all the work and provides a pleasing but efficient template perfect for creating your minimal workspace.

Having all the essentials aligned keeps you organized and motivated to do better. StudyOS understands this and gives you the best platform.

5 Minute Journal

Long gone are the dull days of writing handwritten journals and quitting on day 3.

5-Min Journal template brings you the joy of journaling while making it quick and easy. Write about your day in a pre-filled template and top it off with a title.

The template also allows you to sort your journal according to weeks or months.

Lastly, it has progress tracker widgets to keep you motivated.

Aesthetic Finance Tracker

Keeping up to date with your finances can be difficult. Finance Tracker does all the hard work for you and helps track your finances to help you make financially sound decisions and prevent irrational spending.

Finance Tracker helps keep track of your expenses and income, displays your income distribution, and stores coupons for when you need them.

Notion Fitness Tracker

Starting to exercise can be daunting, and the thought of having to manage all your workouts can make you feel demotivated. It is where the free Notion template, Fitness Tracker, comes in.

Fitness Tracker is a clean-looking multi-purpose template that helps you keep in shape. Tracking your progress and being mindful of your exercises motivate you, and Fitness Tracker knows that. The template allows you to track your progress by exercise type or body part.

It has a very user-friendly database that has countless exercises to include. You can keep notes of your progress over time and see how well you have improved and the areas that need more improvement.

Fitness Tracker is a game-changer and something you should consider if you are starting out or even a workout veteran.

Recipe Cookbook

Home cooks are often scared about planning out meals and having to store good recipes. Without all in place, being a better cook becomes a challenge.

Recipe Cookbook is a home cook’s dream. Not only does it have a calendar installed to plan for the days you want to try cooking a new meal, but it also helps you store all your favorite recipes categorically so that they are all organized in one place.

It is alright if you do not have the time to go through countless recipes as the template has many excellent recipes built-in.

So, wait no more and embark on your journey of being that incredible cook you always wished to be with the help of the Recipe Cookbook Notion Template.

Smart Portfolio

Whether you’re an architect, designer, or a fresh graduate looking for a creative role, having a solid portfolio is essential for your career.

On average, a recruiter scans your resume within 7 seconds, so you must arrange it in a way it is aesthetically pleasing.

Smart Portfolio does it for you as this template helps you arrange your resume in a way that grabs the recruiting team’s attention. Different slides allow you to fill up your personal information, educational background, work experience, skills, and projects. The slides give easy access, making it convenient to go through.

Grab your template today and create your dream portfolio that is sure to bag you your next design job.

Blogging Manager

Blogging can be an excellent way to express your expertise through writing and also earn a few bucks by the side. But, it can be a challenge if you are new to it and do not have your work cut out.

Blogging Manager is the perfect tool to help you; it has a step-by-step interface to plan your posts, maintain collaborations, and keep track of your upcoming posts.

The simple and aesthetic user-friendly format keeps you motivated to write to your heart’s content.

Personal Growth Habit Tracker

Reflecting on your personal growth is imminent to understand how far you have come, but it can be a strenuous task to do if you have to write it all down in an organized fashion. What if there was a template that had all the organizing done for you?

You will be glad to hear that such a template already exists. Personal Growth Habit Tracker is your best friend when tracking your habits.

The habit tracker allows you to observe where you spend the most time and checklist the tasks you have accomplished. It also forces you to be mindful of the habits you have not done and motivates you to work on them.

This template is a must if you are someone who is striving to be the ”Better You”.

Sage Green Template

Green is the color of life. Green is the color of peace and calmness. So, it would be silly not to create a template around this color.

Isabella did just that by creating a sage green template to surround you with this aesthetic look while you work to sort out things in place.

This template hosts a range of productivity widgets like a daily tracker, worklist, playlist, to-do tracker, and a calendar while wrapped in sage green to make it eye-pleasing.

Home Cleaning Database

Doing chores around the house can be a pain when you have a busy schedule.

Notion’sNotion’s Home Cleaning Database makes it simple by helping you create your schedule.
This aesthetically pleasing template is not only beautiful but also functional.

It has a list of daily chores that, upon completion, fill up the taskbar. The template also has a detailed calendar viewer and a database for tracking your chores. Lastly, the template has an assignment sheet you can fill out daily.

Second Brain

Our brain is fantastic at doing tasks, but it has to go through a lot in a single day.

Second Brain is a template that takes off some of the load and helps it rest.

Second Brain is an aesthetic Notion Template where you can track the books and tv shows you are watching, schedule your content, fill up your bucket list and track your journal.

Hiring Pipeline

What if there was a template that could be used as a professional hiring tool that would help out your HR team.

Look no further, as the Hiring Pipeline will do just that: screening candidates, listing profiles, and scheduling interviews.

Life Magazine

Your life is full of beautiful memories you wish to hold on to. Turn these memories into a magazine where you can flip a page to relive them all again with the help of Life Magazine.

Life Magazine is a free Notion template that allows you to manage memorable life events according to daily, monthly, or yearly structures.

Aesthetic Student Dashboard

Over 16 alternative styles and modules are included in this free student dashboard design! It includes a budget tracker, a goal list, and more. Using this template, you are on your way to achieving your academic goals. Also, I’m a big fan of the weather app!

Ultimate Tasks

With regards to YouTube, Thomas Frank is a well-known YouTuber who has a lot to say about productivity. His Notion Templates, Ultimate Tasks IS a must-have if you’re a fan of his productivity tips and tricks. Template for task and project management that is perhaps the most complete. Although it’s a free project management tool, it actually offers more features than many paid-for alternatives.

Pastel Sky Theme

This is a stunning theme that’s also quite easy to customize. It has a calendar and project view, as well as a simple task structure. We appreciate that you can tag your projects based on their current status.

Strategic Marketing Plan

This template is perfect for any marketer. It has a wonderful design and includes industry-specific sections like “target demographic” and “brand promises” as well as general aims. I think it’s a great resource for small-business owners and marketers alike.

S.M.A.R.T Goal Tracker

This goal tracker has a clean, modern look that I really appreciate. Progress bars add a unique visual element that you won’t see on other goal trackers, and they make perfect sense. I highly recommend this template for anyone who needs a visual approach to keep track of their goals!

Podstack Kit

Want to start a podcast? If so, then this template is for you. All the others I tested were just too complicated; this is the only one I ended up utilizing and found to be the most user-friendly out of all. An easy-to-understand dashboard interface provides all the information you require.


This article covered the 20 best and free aesthetic notion templates for you to choose from. We urge you to go through all of them and see which fits best your aesthetic. We hope it gives you a motivation boost, all while making the task of organizing your life fun and soothing.