YouTube vs YouTube Music (2023) | Which to Choose?

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YouTube and YouTube music are the same name but are aimed at different crowds looking to enjoy music and videos separately. If you want to listen to music, then you can go to YouTube music. Regular YouTube also lets you listen to music in the form of videos, so which one should you pick. The following differences should help you make your choice between both platforms easier.

The Difference

The regular YouTube app has everything, including music and videos uploaded by the owners of the songs and videos. Songs on the regular app come with previews of the videos that let you watch the video without any sound.

On the other hand, YouTube Music is made for you to listen to your preferred music. YouTube Music is still connected to the regular version as the songs you listen to have come straight from the regular app, with the quality of the music being better on the former. There also aren’t any previews in the musical version of the app.

Video And Audio Player

YouTube videos have a lot of features that aren’t available in the musical version of the app. You can select the video quality depending on your internet speed, along with an autoplay feature and playback features that lets you slow or speed up videos.

Just like the standard version, you can view the likes and views that a song has received on the app. The autoplay function is still there, along with a shuffle option and the ability to control the volume.


If you create a playlist on YouTube music, don’t bother looking for that playlist on the standard app, as you won’t find it there. On the other hand, playlists on the standard app can be found on the music version but only in the form of audio.

Smart TV

The benefit of owning a smart tv is that both versions of YouTube are compatible with the tv system. You can cast your app to the tv and enjoy both music and videos on your tv.

The only difference is that you can download the standard app on smart TV. On the other hand, YouTube Music is sadly not available for download on tv as you can only get it on your phone.

Song Recommendations

Depending on your YouTube videos, the app will create a new playlist mix for you. It is done by observing your YouTube history to make a compilation of videos that suit the taste of what you usually enjoy on YouTube.

YouTube Music also works in a similar way as it takes in your music history to find similar songs. Once it has found something of similar taste, it will add it to your music queue. You can also view the lyrics of your current playing song on the music app.

Your Music

YouTube music makes downloading and uploading your music easy. It lets you enjoy your chosen music when you’re offline, too, if you’re ever in a situation where you don’t have a good internet connection.

What you download on each app is separate as you won’t find your downloaded songs on the download section of your regular app. Your storage space will also not suffer as heavily as it would when downloading videos on the regular app, as the songs on the music app will be smaller in size.

Background Play

It depends on your region, but if you want to watch your videos or listen to music in your background, you’re out of luck. Both versions of YouTube do not support this option.

The only way for you to gain access to the background feature is if you’re willing to dish out money for a premium subscription. Don’t worry about it too much, as you can still find a way to turn on the background function without a premium subscription as people have found a solution to enjoy playing music and videos in the background.

YouTube Premium vs YouTube Music

The benefit of purchasing premium for both YouTube and YouTube music is that you can enjoy whatever you want without being bothered by ads. If you have trouble paying the normal amount, then fear not, as you can get both a family discount and a student discount.

YouTube Premium costs $11.99, while the student discount can be purchased for $6.99. The family discount offers services for upto 5-6 people at a charge of $17.99.

YouTube Music premium is available at $9.99. A music premium subscription is cheaper at $4.99 for students, and a family discount can be found for $14.99.

Other Features

YouTube Music offers listeners a few extra features you won’t find on the normal app. Some of these features include:

  • A chart system that shows you what songs are at the top of the charts, either in your local region or on a more worldwide scale, so you can keep up with what’s popular.
  • An equalizer option lets you alter the sound and settings of the music you are listening to.
  • The mood 7 Genre feature plays songs according to the genre that the songs fit in.
  • A personalized home feature that creates playlists with recommendations based on your preference.
  • If you have YouTube music installed and ask Google Assistant to play music, it will play it through YouTube music.

Which one is Better?

It’s pretty simple. For watching videos, the best choice is the regular YouTube app, whereas YouTube music is the superior choice if what you want is plain music without videos. There’s also the bonus you get with the extra features that make YouTube music unique from standard YouTube. We hope the differences we’ve listed above help you decide what you want so you can make a final choice.

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