5 Major Upgrades on Galaxy Z Fold 4 Over Fold 3

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Samsung has brought the concept of Foldable Phones through the ‘FOLD’ series. And it is taking innovation to another level with Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4.

All the foldable phones have to go through a lot of sacrifices and were not convincing to be purchased by Smartphone Users, but things have changed with the Galaxy Z Fold 4. Here a 5 Major Upgrades that will make you fall in love with Foldable phones.

1. Durable Design & Display

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Design

Instead of changing the design of Galaxy Fold 4, Samsung smartly corrected the older flaws in the design.

This 7.6″ Infinity Flex Display comes with fewer bezels, and it provides a clean and Immersive Experience.

The Under Display front camera on Samsung Foldable phones used to be visible and disturb the overall viewing experience. But this time the Front Camera camouflages with the Display.

Samsung has also improved the crease that is caused by the folding of phones. The screen crease on display is not noticeable during screen usage. You can feel the crease when you do touch in the center, but there won’t be any problem in the viewing experience.

These foldable phones are very sensitive and can cost a lot to repair them. But no need to worry because Samsung has made this Z Fold 4 Ultra Durable. It is the only foldable phone which comes with an IPX8 rating. The hinge mechanism is thinner compared to the last Galaxy Fold 3. It is made up of Armor Aluminum, so there won’t be any problem in folding and unfolding.

The Outer Cover Display and Back Glass is protected with Corning Gorilla Glass Victus+ which is totally Scratch proof.

2. Upgraded Camera

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Camera

Samsung has done major improvements in the Camera Section. You get the same Camera that is present in flagship phones like in S22 Series.

You get a 50MP Primary Wide-Angle Lens, 10MP(3X) Telescope Lens with Optical Image Stabilization, and 12MP Ultra-Wide Lense.

You also get a 4MP Under Display Front Camera and 10MP Camera on the Cover Display.

There are also improvements in the Camera App features:

  • Dual Preview Mode – You can see a preview of your photo on Cover Screen while capturing the photo.
  • Capture View – You can see the previous photos on the sidebar while clicking the new pictures.

3. Battery Improvements

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Battery

Battery Life was a major issue in previous foldable smartphones and many people complaint about it too. You get the same Battery Capacity of 4300mAh as Galaxy Fold 3, but things have actually changed.

Battery life has improved and there are 2 major reasons:

  1. More efficient LTPO Display that is present on the Cover and Main Display. This means the Display can dynamically adjust refresh rate from 1Hz-120Hz which will give better and more efficient battery life.
  2. The Average Screen on Time on Fold 3 was 3.5-4 Hours, but you get extra 2 Hours of Screen on time on Galaxy Z Fold 4 because of Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 Processor.

If you are an average Daily user like me who is not much into games, you can turn on light performance mode in the settings. to get even better Battery Endurance.

4. Better Multitasking

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Multitasking

Multitasking is the biggest advantage of Galaxy Z Fold 4, which many people ignore. Here are some features:

  1. You can split the screen into 3 different windows. So, you can run 3 Apps at a time.
  2. There is a feature called ‘App Pair‘ in which you can access your most commonly used Apps with a single tap in the Multitasking Screen.
  3. The constant switching of Apps problem is solved in this Galaxy Z Fold 4, thank to Android 12L which is an exclusive Android Version. Thus, most of the Apps are compatible In the Multitasking view.

5. Flagship Performance

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Performance

As most of the foldable phones emphasize more on Design by sacrificing the performance of the phone. But that is not the case with Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4. It comes with the latest flagship Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 Processor, LPDDR 5 RAM. and UFS 3.1 Storage.

You get RAM plus Technology, where you get an extra 8GB of Virtual RAM.

If you are a gamer, you will get an Ultra Smooth Experience. The Games look best in the aspect ratio of this 7.6′ Display. I played Asphalt 9 for a few mins and the experience was mind-blowing.

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