Nothing Phone 1 vs OPPO Reno8 5G: Which is Better?

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Right after the launch of Nothing Phone 1, many people reviewed it as a “Design gimmick.” And it is a design gimmick, but this phone is unbeatable in the Mid-Range segment. Today I am going to compare Nothing Phone 1 with Oppo Reno8. And let’s find out which among the both is a better smartphone at this price segment and which will be better for you in the long-term.

Design and Build

Design is a priority for many people when buying mid-range smartphones. And if design matters to you, There is no competition for Nothing Phone 1 in this segment. It completely changed the design language, and I am waiting to see which smartphone company will copy this same Transparent Design.

On the backside, you find an aesthetic Glyph-Interface Design. It has a unique and attractive design that can be noticed from far away. Speaking of Oppo Reno8, you get a clean uni-body design at the back. The metal frame on Nothing Phone will make a difference in feel.

Speaking about both phone’s weight and in-hand feel, Reno8 is light and has a better experience because it is slightly Sleek and is 15gm lighter than Nothing Phone 1.

Speaking of width, Nothing Phone 1 is slightly thicker than Reno8, and there may be a chance that you won’t like the In-Hand Experience of Nothing Phone 1.

Usually, phones don’t come with IP Rating in this price range, but Nothing Phone has IP53 Rating, which is the lowest rating. You get only splash and dustproof protection.


First, let’s talk about Display Protection; on the front, you get Corning Gorilla 5 protection on both phones. Reno8’s backside is made of plastic, so there is no such special protection. While on the other hand, you get Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection on the backside.

Now talking of displays, you will notice the first difference is that Reno8 has a narrow Display. Whereas, Nothing Phone 1 has a broader Display. Thus you can differentiate both phones with just one look.

Both the phones have AMOLED Display. But In my daily experience, I felt Nothing Phone 1’s Display is not that bright. Comparatively, Oppo Reno8 has a brighter Display, and speaking of colors, Reno8 has warmer and more saturated colors.

Regarding Display Customizations, Oppo Reno8 has more options because it has Color OS, which is quite customizable. Also, an Eye Comfort Mode protects against harmful rays from the display.

Reno8 Display is quite behind the Nothing Phone 1 in terms of Screen Refresh Rate. Reno 8 has a 90Hz display whereas Nothing Phone has a 120Hz. Adaptive Refresh Rate is absent in both phones. You can only change from Standard 60Hz to 90Hz display in Reno 8 and 120Hz in Nothing Phone 1.

Haptic Feedback

Nothing Phone 1 makes itself worthy in the ‘Haptics Feedback’ segment. After using iPhones and OnePlus phones, Nothing Phone 1 offers great Haptic Feedback. There is a huge difference when we compare it with Reno8, and that’s because Nothing Phone 1 is using Advanced Haptic Motors.


Security-wise, both phones have the “Face Unlock” feature, and the “Fingerprint Sensor” is also available.

The positioning of the Fingerprint Sensor is right around the bottom edges. Usually, I’m not too fond of these positionings of Fingerprint Sensors, but as these phones are not tall and are made for Single Hand usage thus, this positioning works for me.

Unlock Speed is almost similar on both phones. The only difference is that both phones have different Fingerprint icons. Nothing Phone has a circular Fingerprint Sensor icon which gives a minimal look.


The overall audio experience was better on Nothing Phone 1, thanks to the Stereo Speakers, which are missing in Reno8. Reno 8 has a bottom-firing Single Speaker, which is a major disappointment.

Even though the audio on Reno 8 is quite loud but not clear by any chance. You won’t get any Stereo Sound effects either. Comparatively, Nothing Phone 1 has clear and loud audio. And has no dedicated Music Profiles, which you find in Reno8.


I don’t expect an extraordinary performance at this price segment because both are Mid-range phones. Reno8 comes with MediaTek Dimensity 1300 chipset and Nothing Phone 1 comes with Snapdragon 778G+ Processor.

Daily Apps usage and performance, Light Gaming, or Multi-tasking, Nothing Phone performs better than Reno8. Geekbench Scores and AnTuTu scores reflect that Nothing Phone 1 is better than Reno8. One more small difference, Nothing Phone 1 has LPDDR5 RAM, whereas, Reno 8 has LPDDR4X RAM.


Both the phones have similar Battery capacities, i.e., 4500mAh, but to screen time of my daily usage is around 7 hours on Reno8. On the other hand, Nothing Phone 1 can only manage to have about 5 hours of Screen-on-Time, which is not impressive, and that’s why I feel Nothing Phone 1 needs Software Optimizations so that it can have a better Screen On Time.

Reno8 has an impressive battery, but I love how Oppo included an 80W SUPERVOOC Charger in the box. Nothing Phone 1 does not come with a Charger. You have to buy a charger separately.

Oppo’s 80W Charging Brick is very fast. It takes only 40 minutes to charge from 0-100%. Nothing Phone 1 with 33W charger will take at least 90 mins to charge from 0-100%. Nothing Charger is 45W, but the charging capacity of Nothing Phone 1 is restricted to 33W.

Nothing Phone 1 has one praise-worth feature; you get an option of 15W Wireless Charging and 5W Reverse Wireless Charging. No other phone offers Wireless Charging in this price range.


Reno8 is actually a Camera Phone and I felt the Video Quality of Reno 8 was better, Colors Pop Out and the saturation level is maintained perfectly. You can also shoot videos at 4K 30FPS in both phones.

Both phones have the same Primary Sensor which is a 50MP Sony IMX 766 Sensor. Let’s See Some Camera Samples:

The image captured on Nothing Phone 1 looks natural and a little dull. On the other hand, Reno 8 impresses with the ‘Color Processing’

This is an Ultrawide shot. Nothing Phone 1 loses out on some details, Whereas in Reno8, the details are properly preserved, especially the Colour Reproduction.

Software Experience

The software which is a very subjective topic. Those who like Clean and Minimal UI will love the OS of Nothing Phone 1, which is based on Android 12. In Reno8, you get Color OS 12, which is also based on Android 12.

Color OS is a highly customizable Android Skin. Many people love Color OS for the variety of Customization it provides. Color OS is rich with features, but it is not clean. Here you get a lot of pre-installed third-party Apps.

In Nothing Phone 1, you will get 3 Years of Android Software Updates and four years of Security Patch Updates.

In Oppo Reno8, you will get only two years of Android OS Updates and four years of Android Security Patch Updates.

Final Verdict

Now it’s time for the Final Verdict; which one should you buy? I will try to keep this short.

Buy Oppo Reno8 if you want Fast Charging, a brighter OLED Display, a better camera, and you have no problem with the Plastic design.

If you want a brand new design, cleaner Stock Android Experience with more reliable performance, and definitely these new Glyph lights, then you can go for Nothing Phone 1.

Both of them are Mid-range Phones; there is intense competition in this price segment. Realme, OnePlus, Oppo, Xiaomi, and now Nothing also. In such a case choosing a phone is very hectic.

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