10 Reasons Why You Should Skip the iPhone 14

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In Apple’s launch event, many new devices were launched, e.g., the Apple watch ultra, Series 8, AirPods pro 2, and the iPhone 14 line-up. I found the Pro Models of iPhone 14 are more fascinating, especially that Dynamic Island. But today, we are just talking about iPhone 14, and I will tell you 10 reasons why you should skip the iPhone 14.

1. Same Camera Island

Apple fans can find the latest model of iPhone from far just by looking at it because of the camera design at the back. Just how the back camera changed from iPhone 12 to 13, but there is no visual change from iPhone 13 to 14. Of course, the camera hardware is changed, but if you want your iPhone 14 to look different from iPhone 13, you must buy iPhone 14 in blue color. And if you put a case on it, then there will be no difference between them.

2. Same Design

Now, let’s talk about the Form Factor and Design. iPhone 13 and 14 have a similar footprint in size, shape, and design. Both phones have flat edges, aluminum frames, and almost the same weight. In-front, both have Ceramic Shield, and In-hand feel does not have a significant upgrade that makes iPhone 14 stand out. Overall, iPhone 13 still feels fresh; I don’t have a reason to upgrade to iPhone 14.

3. Same Display

iPhone13 has a Super Retina XDR display; it is undoubtedly a good display. You would think, at least now Apple has to catch up with its competitors, but it disappoints, and till now, iPhone 13 and 14 have a 60Hz Display. Even the iPhone 14 Plus has the same refresh rate with a slightly bigger display. And if you want a phone with a 120Hz display, it will only be available in Pro Models. So, the display is also not a reason to upgrade to iPhone 14.

4. No Always-on-Display

While watching the event, I was very excited that Apple implemented Always-on-Display, which is the best implementation until now. Unlike Android, the screen won’t turn black, and all the inputs are visible. But that is only available in devices with Pro Display XDR. That means it is only available on iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max.

5. Same Notch

Like how the camera island from the back is very iconic, and from the front, it’s Apple’s Notch, which was in iPhone X, 11, 12, and got slightly shrank in iPhone 13. But in Pro Models of iPhone 14, a simple notch has changed to Pill-Shaped Notch and that’s the another big reason.

6. No Dynamic Island

Dynamic Island was probably the only feature that was the event’s spotlight. Even CEOs’ of Android smartphone companies appreciated this feature. You can bet how revolutionary this feature is going to be. And how many companies are going to copy it?

Punch hole cameras have been a significant attraction for years, but Notch was always a ‘Block on Screen.’ Apple took a lot of time to remove the Notch, and when they finally removed it, they made this boring punch hole into an enticing feature that everyone is talking about.

I am very excited to test it, but you won’t get this feature on iPhone 14. It is only available on iPhone 14 Pro Models. After so many stagnant reasons, this makes it hard for iPhone 14 to justify itself as an upgrade. So, Apple made few improvements such as; Main Camera Sensor has faster aperture, low-light photos are better, and a few more software-based improvements.

7. Same Processor

Okay, I’ll be honest: I felt weird that both iPhone 13 and 14 have the same processor. But if you look closely, you will find out that iPhone 14 has used iPhone 13 Pro chip which has an extra GPU core. And they have also made a few optimizations to make iPhone 14 better. In terms of daily use, Graphics Heavy Apps will perform slightly better.

8. Same Battery

iPhone 14 has the same design, and the internal components are the same, which won’t leave enough scope for battery expansion compared to the previous iPhones. And because the iPhone 13 already has a good battery life, there’s no scope for major improvement. Therefore, Apple only promises one extra hour of Battery-life.

9. Similar Software Features

Apple always convinces you to buy an iPhone through its exclusive software. For example, Night mode and Ultra-wide Camera are present in iPhone 13 and not in iPhone 12.

Similarly, you will get some exclusive features on iPhone 14. For example, Crash-detection and Photonic Engine are Present in iPhone 14, not in iPhone 13. You can shoot cinematic videos in 4k, which was limited to 1080p in old iPhones. And last but not least, Action Mode.

If you don’t use these features regularly, you won’t miss them on iPhone 13.

10. iPhone 13 is a Steal Deal

So, this is the last reason you should not buy the iPhone 14 because iPhone 13 right now is a better deal. Every year after the launch of the new iPhone, old ones get a discount of $100 on the Apple Website. So the price of the iPhone 13 is $699.

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