How To Use MacBook with Lid Closed (Clamshell Mode)

How to use your MacBook in clamshell mode

MacBook Clamshell Mode came a while ago, and people also call it Closed Lid Mode. This mode is for those people who want to convert their MacBook into a Desktop. And today, I will tell you how you can use MacBook in Closed-Display. But before that let’s get a few bases covered.

What is Clamshell Mode & Why Should you use it?

In simple words, you can use your Mac with an External monitor while Lid Closed. And obviously, working on a big screen will reduce eye strain and make you work for a long time.

If you are doing Work from Home or want to spend some leisure time with Mac, then Clamshell mode will help you in multitasking & productivity. Clamshell Mode is very addictive, and once you start using it, there’s no turning back.

Everyone knows that MacBooks are very expensive and powerful, but the small screen makes it less productive, and that’s why I have also connected my MacBook to a 32-inch monitor.

Before starting this Tutorial, you need some Accessories:

  1. Obviously, an External Monitor
  2. Thunderbolt cable
  3. Thunderbolt to HDMI converter
  4. Keyboard & Mouse

How to Connect MacBook to Monitor while Lid Closed

Follow the below steps, if you are doing this for the first time. And if you get any issues then try updating your Mac OS to latest version.

  1. Make sure your MacBook is plugged in and charging.
  2. With Thunderbolt Cable, connect external monitor with MacBook.
  3. Make sure Keyboard & Mouse are connected with MacBook.
  4. Once the screen is visible on the external monitor, simply close the MacBook’s lid.

Before using your MacBook in clamshell mode, you must do the following:

Use the cables that are compatible with your MacBook to connect your external monitor. It’s possible that your monitor will ask you to make a few adjustments when you connect your external monitor.

You can change Display settings by going to System Preferences → Displays.

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