Apple Watch Swipe Up Not Working? 7 Ways to Fix it!

Apple Watch Swipe Up Not Working

The Apple Watch has many excellent functions, like fall detection, heart rate monitoring, and ECG. But if you can’t swipe up on it, none of these are useful. So today I’m going to share with you that how can you fix it.

1. Restart Apple Watch

Whenever your gadget is not working properly, most people think that restarting the gadget will fix the problem. So just like that, I will also suggest that you should restart the Apple Watch And if your already done that and you are still facing same problem, then try doing force restart by the following steps:

  1. Hold Power Button and Digital Crown.
  2. Release your fingers when you see Apple Logo.
  3. Now just wait for the watch to Start.

2. Swipe Up Slow

Sometimes there is a Software issue or bug, but in the case of Apple Products there is no ease, and if it still happens then I suggest you to clean the watch screen and swipe up the screen slowly. However, if this doesn’t fix the issue, you have to wait for a update.

3. Re-Pair Apple Watch

The process of unpairing Apple Watch and then repairing it is the third-best solution in this list. However, before you do that, I strongly advise you to create a backup of your Apple Watch so that you will be able to recover it if somethings goes wrong.

4. Change Watch Face

OK, I don’t know that this method will work or not but I suggest you should give a try, maybe it works for you. So simply you have to swipe left or right to swap between Apple Watch faces and see if it helps or just move onto next solution.

5. Remove Screen Protector

If you are using cheap screen protector then it can be a problem because they does not offer good quality. And Maybe, it can be interrupting your touch between your Apple Watch and Your fingers.

6. Check for Screen Cracks

It is easy to obtain scratches around the bezels and corners of the Apple Watch because it is always on your hand. Now you have to check the area where you swipe and if you see any then it’s time to contact Apple Support.

7. Contact Apple Support

If none of the methods work, that I have mentioned in this article, then I suggest you should go to Apple store and you can even book the appointment which will save your time by not waiting in the queue.

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