How to Allow Mods to Change Your Title/Game on Twitch

How to Allow Mods to Change Your Title/Game on Twitch

Congratulations on getting your first Mod for your Twitch channel! Now you may be wondering what else a Mod can do besides moderating chat and you’re here to find out if a Mod can change the stream title during a live stream.

By the way, I also stream on Twitch, and my favorite game is PUBG. I want my stream title to update every time I reach a new tier, but doing it myself can be time-consuming and may annoy viewers. So, let me explain how your Mod can assist you with that.

Can Twitch Moderators Change the Title on My Stream?

No, Twitch Moderators cannot change your stream title. However, if you give them the role of an editor, they gain more abilities and can then change your stream title, as well as delete vods, and so on. So, let me explain how you can promote a Moderator to an Editor.

How to Make Someone an Editor on Your Stream

If you trust a moderator, then promoting them to the role of an editor is a good idea. Here’s how you can do it.

  • Open your Twitch Creator Dashboard
  • Now Go to Community –> Roles Manager
  • Select “Add New” and type in the users name that you want to be an editor on your channel.

Once they are added as an Editor, they can change the stream title. Now you don’t have to interrupt your stream to change the title yourself. So go ahead and stream without any worries!

If you have concerns about Twitch editors being able to delete VODs, let me share another method with you that is more secure.

Twitch Moderators Can Change Stream Title Using Nightbot

If you’re not familiar with Nightbot, it is an extension for Twitch and YouTube streams that provides additional moderation features.

Go to and log in with your Twitch account. Below is a video that explains how to set up Nightbot with your Twitch account.

How to Use Nightbot for Changing Twitch Titles?

To view or edit the stream title, use the command – !title

Now, if you want to change the title yourself or have a moderator do it, edit it by utilizing the command +new title.

Example – !title Enter New Title Here
This would change your Title to “Enter New Title Here”

Final Words

So I’ve given you two methods on how Moderators can change the stream title in a Twitch stream. I would recommend the second method because it is more secure. Hopefully, this article has been helpful to you. If you have any issues, please leave a comment.

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