Nvidia RTX 2050 Vs GTX 1650: Which is Better?

RTX 2050 Vs GTX 1650

Today I am going to show you the Laptop GPU Comparison between RTX 2050 and GTX 1650. Both of these graphics cards offer solid performance for entry-level gamers. So, which one should you opt for?

GPU Specs Difference

RTX 2050GTX 1650
GPUGA 107TU117-12NM
CUDA Cores2048896 or 1024
Tensor Cores640
RT Cores320
Boost Clock (MHz)1155 – 1477 MHz1245 – 1560 MHz
TGP (W)30 – 4535 – 50
Memory 4GB DDR64GB DDR6
Memory Speed14 GBPS10 GBPS
Memory Interface64-bit128-bit
Memory Bandwidth112 GB/s160 GB/s
Release DateSpring 2022April 2019 & 2020

The 2050 has double the CUDA cores compared to the original 1650 that launched in 2019, but Nvidia quietly refreshed the 1650 in 2020 with fewer CUDA cores.

They both have 4GB of VRAM capacity, but the 1650’s memory bus is double the size of the 2050. The 1650 also has more memory bandwidth, but the 2050’s memory has a higher clock.

The 1650 has a larger possible power range, which is why it can reach higher boost clock speeds.

Laptops Tested

Intel Core i5-11400H
Nvidia RTX 2050
16GB DDR4-3200
Intel Core i5-11400H
Nvidia GTX 1650
16GB DDR4-3200
Check PriceCheck Price

I am using the ASUS TUF F15 for the 2050, and the MSI GF63 for the 1650. Both laptops have the same 6 core CPU, and I used the same dual channel kit of memory in both.

Literally, the only difference between these two laptops is the GPU, so we are in for a perfect apples to apples comparison!

Key Differences

  • The RTX 2050 is 27.6% faster than GTX 1650 in tested games.
  • The GTX 1650 may require playing games at minimum settings for acceptable performance, while the RTX 2050 allows for higher settings.
  • The RTX 2050 provides a smoother and more enhanced gaming experience with features like DLSS, which is not available on the GTX 1650.
  • The RTX 2050 positions as a more cost-effective option compared to the GTX 1650, offering better performance for a similar or lower price.


I tested the RTX 2050 without DLSS because the GTX 1650 does not support DLSS. In this way, we will obtain the best comparison.

Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy was running around 43 FPS on the RTX 2050 graphics at 1080p high settings. The 2050 was 30% faster compared to the cheaper GTX 1650.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty was reaching a 15% higher average FPS with the RTX 2050.

Assassin’s Creed Vallhalla

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is a game I’m currently playing through for a second time, and while it doesn’t need a super high frame rate to enjoy, the 2050 was still able to offer a 37% higher average frame rate, a major difference.

Forza Horizon 5

In Forza Horizon 5, the 2050 just 25% ahead of the 1650, or in this case about 17 FPS. The 1650 was still running the game above 60 FPS with high settings, so it’s not as if it’s unplayable or anything.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator had the biggest win for the RTX 2050 out of all games tested. Even the dips in performance, as measured by the 1% low, were same of the average FPS coming out of the 1650. The 2050 was reaching a 40% higher average frame rate here.

Final Words

Honestly, I don’t think that it’s worth saving a little bit of money by going for the lower tier GTX 1650. In 2023 that just kind of seems like it’s a bit too old these days. Unless it’s not possible for you to get any more money, and you don’t mind playing games at minimum settings and not having DLSS, which is a nice feature to boost FPS in games.

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