Xiaomi Mi Note 10 vs iPhone 11: Which Is Best For You?

iphone11 vs Mi Note10

Today i am comparing 2 phones – Xiaomi Mi Note 10 vs iPhone 11, which both have best cameras in market. I will help you decide which one you should buy?

Design & Features

iphone 11 vs mi note 10

Mi Note 10:

On the outside, Mi Note 10 doesn’t look very different from any phone we’ve seen in 2019. It’s an all-glass phone with a curved display. It’s back got either a pearly white or a Northern Lights inspired gradient finish or you can go for the less flashy grayish black finish.

Because of that bigger battery, the phone is a bit on the heavy side but I don’t mind one bit because of that extra-large battery. Xiaomi is promising up to 2 days with average juice in the week that I tested the phone I definitely got through a whole day with a little bit leftover the next morning.

The phone has a headphone jack. On the bottom beside the speaker grills and USB C port. On top, it’s got an IR blaster that lets you use the built-in remote app and over here on the right-hand side along with the power and volume buttons is a dual nano-SIM card tray.

There is no microSD slot so you’re stuck with onboard storage which is 128 gigabytes for the global version. You’ll find a teardrop notch just like on the mi 9.

Xiaomi says, this display is more responsive regardless of whether it’s hot or humid outside or cold and dry.

The display is a fingerprint scanner supposedly 10% faster compared to previous models. There’s face unlock which is nice and snappy also.

iPhone 11:

The first thing overall that’s great about it is its build quality. It’s still the same as basically an XR, for example, it’s aluminum around the outside edge and then you’ve got glass front and back and Apple has increased the build quality and increase the strength of the glass it seems. I don’t have any sharp edges around the outside it just feels good overall and I think they’ve improved it a little bit.

It’s shiny with a matte finish on the camera area. It’s reverse of the iPhone 11 pro and pro-Max. So there’s is matte on the back and glossy around the camera bump it’s just a small differentiating factor.

Overall the feel of it is good it’s the same 6.1-inch display that we had on the iPhone XR. Some people may not like this but it’s the same resolution however it’s the same pixel density of 326 pixels per inch and that means you can’t really see the pixels, in fact, that’s higher than you get with an iPad pro for example. So despite the resolution being under 1080p, you can still watch 1080p YouTube videos it just scales accordingly to the screen size.

The speed is really good, in fact it’s got the same processor as the pro devices so you’re not really compromising there it’s super fast it’s fluid all of the time I’ve had no slowdowns whatsoever and opening apps and scrolling anything you’re doing just feels fast and fluid. I’ve had no issues running the public releases of iOS. So if you’re on one of the betas maybe you’ll have some issues but running the public versions.

Apple says battery in the iPhone 11 is about an hour longer than you get with the XR. So expect this to get you through the day probably seven to eight hours of battery life with screen on time and it really shouldn’t be a problem for most people you still get fast wireless charging but you don’t get a fast charger in the box you’ve still got the five watt charger now you can pick up the charger which is the same one from the iPad pro or you can pick it up in the store for the iPhone as an additional cost but it just is kind of disappointing they didn’t include it since you get all the same features that you get with the 11pro and Pro max as far as fast charging. So if you want one of those charges you’ll have to buy it extra.


iphone11 and Mi Note10

Mi Note 10:

On the back, there are five cameras from top to bottom.

  • First camera: 5MP 5X – Telephoto
  • Second camera: 12MP 2X – Telephoto
  • Third camera: 108MP f/1.69 – Main
  • Fourth camera: 20MP – Ultrawide
  • Fifth camera: 2MP – Macro

The macro lens does the job but requires plenty of light. Having said that it’s a low-resolution image good enough only for social. The ultra-wide-angle camera is great to have and I’m glad it’s there but it’s also best used only during the day. I tried to take this photo at night and it wasn’t as good. Now to the zoom lenses, during the day details are great but at the same time I also like the fact that there is both the 2x and the 5x for everyday use I think 2x zoom is the sweet spot but there are instances when you do want to be able to zoom in closer.

Just like other phones with high-resolution sensors pixels are been combined or fused together to produce a smaller image with more details. During the day the shots we took with the Xiaomi Mino 10 were very good. Just like the highly-rated Xiaomi mi 9. Xiaomi says images shot using that 108-megapixel mode can be used in billboards of up to four point two meters in size. However, if you’re really shooting a photo for billboards you’d probably want to use a professional camera.

Having said that night shots on the Mi 10 were actually pretty good and when using the dedicated long exposure night mode even more images are fused together for better brighter results. Unfortunately night mode processing is slow and you can’t use your phone while it processes an image so you can’t take night shots in succession, resulting shots are pretty good though but I wouldn’t say they’re the best low-light shots I see.

iPhone 11:

This year’s cameras are greatly improved over last years and in fact we have two of the same cameras we get on the pro we have a wide and an ultra wide and we lose the telephoto but you can zoom in and it’s still pretty clear overall.

The new 12 megapixel sensors that are capable of not only great photo and video but also really low-light photography.

It’s going to expose the image overall, now when it’s this dark you can’t really focus on anything but this gives you an idea of what it can do and it’s really impressive as far as being able to gather light.


Mi Note 10:

Tt just over 550 euros the Mi 10 is priced attractively especially given the camera system that it offers. It comes in cheaper than the oneplus 7t without the higher-end processor and the 90 Hertz display but with a better camera and a larger battery. So those are your top priorities then this is a phone to consider if it’s available you live.

iPhone 11:

Apple has lowered the price this year of the eleven by fifty dollars. Now I would like to see it go even a little bit lower since a lot of people overseas have even inflated prices on top of what we have in the US. So it starts at $6.99 for 64 gigabytes I think that’s fine for a lot of people. I’d like to see them start at 128 for that price and maybe have the price at around 600 dollars. It is $300 cheaper than the pro models.

Which one you should buy?

It all depends on you which is best for you. If you are an ios user then definitely go with iPhone. But your purpose is just photography then I will suggest you buy mi note 10. Yes, I agree that Mi note 10 is not fast as iPhone but you will get an average speed. Both devices can run heavy games like PUBG, Fortnite, etc. Personally, I will choose Mi note 10 because it has many features.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 vs iPhone 11