Google Reminders vs Tasks: Which One to Pick?

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When you have a lot of things to juggle, it gets hard to keep track. Whether it is a doctor’s appointment, or your favorite team playing, you need to squeeze them into your schedule. Many people use daily planners, sticky notes, and journals to keep track of their to-do lists.

You can do the same now, in a modern way. Google has not one but two applications to organize tasks and whatnot. Google Reminders and Tasks are essentially used for the same purpose. But when you are wondering about picking one among the two, the choice may seem tricky.

What is the Difference?

The main purpose of both the applications is the same. They are designed to help users make schedules to get notifications on time. The goal of the apps are similar, but there is an element that makes them different.

Google Reminders is not a separate application. You will not find it while scrolling through the list of applications on your phone. It is integrated into Google Calendar. Reminders can also be accessed through Google Assistant.

Google Tasks, on the other hand, is a separate application. It has its own user interface and features.

How Do Both of Them Work?

Google Reminders is only for adding reminders for events, meetings, appointments, and more. You can simply add a reminder by clicking on the plus (+) sign on the Calendar app for the specific date. Another way is to use Google Assistant. It is a shortcut and an effective way of using Reminders.

You can just type “set a reminder” or “add a reminder for” in the Google Assistant window. You can also use a voice command to set a reminder for a date. For example- you can say “set a reminder for dentist’s appointment on the 5th at 7 PM” on Google Assistant. Or you can type “set a reminder” and put in other information manually.

As for Tasks, you can add all your tasks with details by accessing the application. The tasks will be added to the calendar to remind you of the specific date and time. When you have the Tasks application, you can also access it directly from the Calendar app.

Google Reminders vs. Tasks: Usage

Google Reminders has a more casual touch to it when it comes to usage. It simply lists the tasks you schedule. The date and time you insert each task are shown on the side. You get a notification at the time you set the reminder for.

Google Tasks is more refined in prioritizing the tasks. It has a similar interface to Reminders. All your tasks are listed according to the date and time you set. But additional details for the tasks can be added on Google Tasks.

You can prioritize your tasks in the “star” section. Once a task is done, simply click “mark completed.” The calendar will strike the event through, and your next top priority task will come on top.

Application Widgets

There is no widget option for Google Reminders since it is integrated with other applications like calendar. As for Google Tasks, it has two different widgets.

The first widget is a task list. The list shows you the latest tasks, the option for adding tasks, mark tasks complete (tap on the circle beside tasks), and change the task list. The other widget is an icon that allows you to add new tasks instantly.

Reminder Options

The reminder options for both Google Reminders and Tasks are the same. It is similar to setting the alarm.

When you add a new task in Reminders or Tasks, you must fill in some information. Such as-

  • Event/task name
  • Date
  • Time
  • Repeat (whether to repeat the reminder or not)

Note: Repeat option includes daily/weekly/bi-weekly/monthly/yearly reminders.

After inserting all of this information, your task is added. You can add some additional information regarding the tasks in Google Tasks. You will get notifications for each task on the date and time you set. There is no location-based reminder option available for either of the apps.


When you have Tasks installed on your device, you will find both Reminders and Tasks in your Calendar application. Since all of them are Google products, you can sync the tasks across multiple devices. Reminders allow you to sync all your tasks in your calendar no matter how many devices you use.

Tasks have some extra features that make it a more workplace-oriented application. Multiple people can share their task lists with the help of Google Tasks. Reminders are also integrated with Tasks since you can import events in the Tasks application straight from Reminders.

Google Reminders vs. Tasks: Which One Is For You?

If you are wondering which one to use, it depends on what you will use them for. Google Reminders is a simple way of adding events and tasks to your calendar, so you will not miss something important. If you are someone who seldom needs to keep track of their schedule, Google Reminders is for you.

Google Tasks is for those with a hefty schedule and trouble keeping track. You can add some details to each of your tasks and prioritize them as needed. Also, Tasks is an application that you might have to install separately. So unless you are someone who really needs the benefits of Tasks, you can stick with Reminders and save the hassle.

The core idea of Google Reminders and Tasks are the same. Both of these products are designed by Google. These two applications help you to organize your tasks as needed.

Having all your tasks sorted out and a practical to-do list in front of you boosts productivity. After each task is marked completed, it helps boost morale as well.

Now that you know how Reminders and Tasks work, it should be easier to understand which one will be best for you.

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