7 Reasons to Buy Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

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If you have a Samsung phone and are contemplating getting the newest Galaxy Watch 6 or another model from the Galaxy watch series, here are seven compelling reasons why it might be a wise decision.

Reason 1: It will make your Life Easier

It actually makes your life easier. If your phone is not around, you can easily receive an incoming call and speak. If you’ve got Bluetooth earphones lying around, they can directly be connected to the watch, and you can speak privately too.

Needless to say, you can check messages from WhatsApp or text messages or from any other app and send quick responses. Being able to handle calls or notifications when your phone is at an arm’s length does make your life easier. Even if your watch is not connected to your phone, because the Watch 6 can connect to Wi-Fi, it can still sync notifications, which is fantastic.

However, all of these conveniences are available for most other watches in this price segment. The thing with Galaxy Watch 6 is that they’re more reliable, consistent, and they work extremely well with Galaxy smartphones.

Reason 2: Use it as a Camera Controller

You can use the Galaxy watch as a remote camera controller. You can take photos, zoom in, and even tap to shoot videos.

If you set or have scheduled Focus modes on your phone, your watch automatically syncs with it. For instance, if you set sleep mode on your Galaxy phone, your watch knows to go into sleep mode, turn on power saving, turn off notifications, turn off always-on display, and raise to wake feature.

You can always track your watch using SmartThings find on Samsung phones. And even Pairing a Galaxy watch with a Galaxy phone and setting it up takes less than 5 minutes.

Reason 3: Samsung Wallet

To make things even better, if you’ve got your Samsung wallet up and running, you could quite literally just long press bottom button and tap on any point-of-sale machine to make a payment. Any machine that accepts tap to pay, just touch your watch, and payment’s done. This is a Samsung exclusive because it uses the Samsung Wallet app, which is only available on Samsung Galaxy phones for now.

Reason 4: Wear OS

But the good news is that the Watch 6 uses Google’s Wear OS, so you can install any app from the Play Store compatible with watches. For example, I’ve got WhatsApp, Spotify, Strava, Adidas running, Todoist, Google Keep, YouTube music, Shazam, and many other apps.

Reason 5: Display

The next reason has to do with the display. A watch can look really good if it’s got a great display. The Watch 6 is a major improvement over the Watch 5 because it’s larger, sharper, and brighter. The bezels have reduced by 30%, making this display the largest on any Galaxy watch ever. The brightness has increased from a 1000 NITS to 2000 NITS, making it fantastic for outdoor use. This larger display is also sharper, so it’s got more detail.

Reason 6: Variety

The Galaxy Watch 6 comes in a variety, so there’s a watch for every person. There’s a Watch 6 and a Watch 6 Classic. They each come in Bluetooth only and LTE versions, and each comes in a small and big size. The straps introduced this time are versatile, suitable for sports, sleeping, office, or business settings. They’ve made it easy to switch bands with just one click. Even though they’ve changed this mechanism, you can still use any of your previous Watch 5 or Watch 4 bands as long as it’s a 20 mm strap.

Reason 7: Health & Fitness

Lastly, it is a pretty good fitness and health tracker. Health and fitness tracking isn’t the only major reason to get the Galaxy watch, but given everything discussed, it’s a great health, fitness, and sleep tracker.

The Watch 6 can auto-detect multiple workouts with high accuracy, monitor your sleep, give advanced analytics of your sleep stages, and has introduced heart rate zones.

There’s constant heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, snore detection, and even ECG and irregular heart rhythm notifications, but that’s only available in a few countries where they have regulatory approvals.

Things to Consider

Now, I’ve spoken about all the good reasons that make the Galaxy Watch 6 a good watch for your Samsung phone. But it’s not all rosy. The watch is still quite expensive, and I urge you to get this watch if you’re getting a good bank discount, cashback, or some combo deal.

The battery is better on the Watch 6 than on the Watch 5. With AOD turned off, LTE turned off, and no detection or GPS run, I could get easily 40 hours as Samsung advertises. But with all those features on, I was just about getting a day’s battery.

The difference between the Watch 6 and the Watch 6 Classic is about $100. The only differences are the physical rotating bezel and a stronger titanium body. If you see yourself using the physical rotating bezel, go for the Watch 6 Classic; otherwise, both watches are exactly the same.

Final Thoughts

The Galaxy Watch 6 stands out as one of the most sophisticated and polished Android smartwatches on the market, even if you don’t have a Samsung phone. If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section.

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