Best Mining CPU for 2022: The Best Intel Processors for Mining

Best Intel CPUS for Mining

The craze for Cryptocurrency mining has been booming for the last few years. The tech-savvy enthusiasts, especially the young generation, show more interest in this field.

You can start mining for cryptocurrencies like bitcoin from any computer or laptop. However, mining cryptocurrencies by computers or laptops can be very time-consuming without a powerful computer processor.

Even though AISCs have transformed the world of cryptocurrency mining, you can still use a CPU to mine to gain benefit. It takes time to start earning money by mining through the CPU. The high-end workstation CPUs can be expensive, but they are ideal for mining cryptocurrencies due to their innumerable processing cores.

This article has shared valuable insights about mining cryptocurrencies and identified the best Intel CPUs. You can take suggestions and choose the best CPU for your computer to start cryptocurrency mining today.

6 Best Intel CPUs For Mining Cryptocurrencies

Experts suggest that the new Intel CPU processors are the best in the market for mining cryptocurrencies. The top five Intel CPUs for mining cryptocurrencies are listed below to ease your selection process.

1. Intel Core i5-7600k


The Intel Core i5-7600k is the most trustworthy CPU for mining cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. The model features four cores and four threads to ensure the mining rig. There is an installed Intel HD Graphics 360 with a maximum dynamic frequency of 1.15 GHz.

The base speed of the processor is 3.8 GHz and has an overclock speed up to 4.2 GHz to maintain steady performance. The Core i5-7600k is compatible with your favorite motherboard sockets. It eases your tension to modify your computer system to fit the processor.

2. Intel Pentium G4400


Intel Pentium G4400 is a highly recommended Intel CPU for mining cryptocurrency. It comes with two cores and threads. The base speed of the model is 3.3 GHz, and it doesn’t contain any overclocking. It is your best choice for low mining rigs.

The Intel Pentium consumes pretty less power of 54W than other processors. If you are at the entry-level mining cryptocurrency, this model is the perfect choice for you. You can save not only a decent amount of money but also cut a huge portion of your energy bills.

The process might function slightly slower than other models while mining cryptocurrencies. However, if you pair it with a suitable GPU, you won’t notice the difference much. For that reason, experts highly suggest adding the Intel Pentium G4400 processor for primary levels.

3. Intel Celeron G4920


The Intel Celeron G4920 is a popular processor for mining cryptocurrencies because of its affordable price range. The process falls under the list of CPUs best for music production, but it is worth more.

The processor contains two cores and threads, respectively. You can fit the processor with the Z300 series motherboard without any overclock. Because of limited compatibility, you can install the processor on sockets like the LGA 1151.
The CPU doesn’t consume too much energy. Hence, you can purchase a good aftermarket cooler by saving a lot of money.

Besides mining cryptocurrencies, you can efficiently multitask and get a wide range of entertainment from the Intel Celeron G4920 Processor.

4. Intel Core i7-8700k


The Intel Core i7-8700k processor is the most powerful Intel CPU for mining cryptocurrencies. The processor contains enough cores and threads to control the exhaustive tasks than other processors in the list. For mining digital currencies, this processor is the perfect deal in the business.

The presence of Intel UHD Graphics 630 makes it an excellent CPU for video editing and graphic designing. You can easily mine cryptocurrencies and create your favorite cartoons by setting up the Intel Core i7-8700k CPU.

The processor will showcase a top-notch performance with six cores and a 3.7 GHz base speed when you pair it with a top-notch GPU. However, there will be a rise in cost for the high-end minoring rigs. However, the CPU will conduct its tasks exceptionally well.

The Intel Core i7-8700k is one of the most convenient processors, as it consumes less power. Therefore, if you seek the best Intel CPU for mining cryptocurrencies, you can place your bet on it. The processor has brilliant accomplishments without overclocking at higher speeds.

5. Intel G3930 7th Gen Celeron


The Intel G3930 7th Gen Celeron is the most efficient power-saving CPU you will get at an affordable price. It may not stand against the other CPUs mentioned, but the processor draws shallow energy while mining cryptocurrencies.

The processor contains a TDP of 51W, which is lower than other Intel processors. It is an efficient CPU for mining cryptocurrencies due to less energy consumption. You won’t get many options than this Intel processor under $50 to mine cryptocurrencies.

The processor comes with an additional graphic from Intel 610. However, the graphic card is useless because it cannot function without any high-yielding CPU for mining.

Building up a good mining rig throughout this Intel CPU will cost you around $200. You can purchase other essential mining components like power supply, RAM, and other necessary hardware.

6. Intel Core i3-9100F


Mining cryptocurrencies is a time-consuming process. It requires a lot of investment if you don’t invest wisely. That’s why you must choose the components that suits your needs perfectly. The intel i3-9100F processor is more than adequate for mining cryptocurrencies.

With 4 threads and 3.6 GHz speed, the i3-9100F processor is amazingly efficient. When compared to quad-core CPUs, this one performs like a single-core. It will definitely last at least 5 years before it needs to be replaced.

If you don’t need to overclock your rig or looking for something that consumes low power, it’s the best option right now available in the market.

About CPU Cryptocurrency Mining

Cryptocurrency mining is the method to verify digital transactions for a blockchain using technologies like extensive computer power. It is a process where specialized computers approve blockchain transactions of a specific cryptocurrency.

After a specific period of transactions, the blockchain’s P2P network receives a block associated with cryptographic hash functions. The hash functions contain all the necessary transactional data visible to the block network.

You can start mining cryptocurrencies with adequate software and hardware resources. However, the expansion of mining and increasing costs is a big headache for the newcomers. You can get confused about selecting the best processors at the beginning.

How to Buy Best CPU For Mining [Buying Guide]

Now that you have an idea about the best Intel CPUs for mining cryptocurrencies, your next mission is to select the best one for your computer.

Before purchasing the perfect processor to mine cryptocurrencies, you need to consider some crucial factors.


Mining processors should be advanced and efficient. A quality processor should feature a high-speed cache and support AES instructions to calculate cryptocurrencies for optimum performance.

Best Intel CPUs for mining cryptocurrencies require a proper number of cores and adequate speed frequency. But how much should it be? There are no prerequisites to determine specific models of processors for mining cryptocurrencies. However, you can examine the processor’s performance by the following parameters:

  • Number of Cores
  • Frequency of Base Speed

The greater the level of parameters, the better your processor will perform. The Intel Core i7-8700k is a suitable model that fulfills all the criteria from the above list.


It would be best to consider this essential element before buying a processor to mine cryptocurrency. At the primary stage, you can choose a cheap processor so that you can save enough money to purchase other vital components.

The best Intel CPUs for mining would definitely cost more than the average ones. But, that doesn’t mean you have to go broke trying to find the best ones.

However, selecting a cheap processor doesn’t necessarily mean considering a single-core CPU. The Intel G3930 7th Gen Celeron and the Intel Celeron G4920 perfectly fulfill the criteria of an affordable yet suitable mining processor.

Energy Consumption

You need to consider energy consumption and thermal demand before purchasing any Intel CPU for mining. To determine a processor that supplies the best energy consumption rate, you need to examine the Thermal Design Power (TDP) rating.

The TDP rating will give you an idea about the cost and how powerful a cooler you will need for the processor.

A processor requires a lot of power to run the cryptocurrency mining process. Therefore, a powerful processor will be pretty expensive than a lower TDP. The Intel Celeron processors utilize less than 60W and are the best for mining rigs.

Cores and Threads

Cores are like a processor that functions independently, and they are all packed onto the same chip. You should select a CPU with two or more cores for mining cryptocurrencies.

Traditionally, each core performs one task at a time. So, a processor with more cores is better for you to perform multitasking. You can efficiently run some software with a processor with more cores.

On the other hand, the term ‘threads’ refers to the number of tasks a CPU can perform at a specific time. So, the higher the thread, the faster the processor will function. A CPU with four cores and eight threads, or six cores and twelve threads, is highly recommended for mining.

Base Speed and Clock Speed

Clock speed is a basic configuration of the CPU. It refers to the number of cycles your CPU circulates at a specific time. Modern processors adjust their clock speeds based on the task and temperature of the device.

You will notice a base clock speed and a turbo clock speed listed on the processor’s body for the adjustments. Based on the clock speed, the Intel Core i5-7600k and the Intel Core i7-8700k are the perfect choices for your computer.

L3 Cache

L3 cache is a vital thing you should consider before buying any Intel CPU for mining cryptocurrencies. The algorithm that functions for mining cryptocurrency has a 2 MB buffer size.

The mining performance depends on the time required to fit the buffer into the cache. So, higher caches translate to a faster mining process.

Advantages of Using CPUs to Mine Cryptocurrencies

If you select the best Intel CPU for mining cryptocurrencies, there are many advantages. You don’t require complex or hi-tech machines to develop mining rigs. You can set up a CPU for mining early with minimum instructions.

To start mining cryptocurrency with a CPU, you don’t require any investments in dedicated mining equipment. You need a standard computer or a laptop to start mining. You can earn passive income on a powerful CPU by storing cryptocurrencies and working simultaneously.

Disadvantages of Using CPUs to Mine Cryptocurrencies

Besides the good news, there is some bad news you need to keep in mind before using Intel CPUs for mining cryptocurrencies. CPU mining is unprofitable for most cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

You have the burden of constantly monitoring your computer if you perform crypto-mining through a CPU. Your motherboard might get damaged if your CPU stops working due to excessive heating.

Due to security purposes, you might not get permission to mine some cryptocurrencies through a CPU.


The buzz for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum is increasing with passing days. You will observe a massive demand for powerful CPUs to mine these cryptocurrencies. Although GPU has an excellent reputation for the best cryptocurrency mining, you can’t ignore the strength of a powerful CPU as a beginner.

The introduction of some best Intel CPUs for mining cryptocurrencies has eased the process of many crypto-miners. As a beginner, you can select the Intel Pentium G4400 because of its low power consumption and affordable price range.

For the best cryptocurrency mining experience, you should place your bets on the Intel Core-i7 8700k model. The processor has more power, cache, and cores than other Intel models.