Nvidia RTX 2050 Vs RTX 3050: Which is Better?

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The cost of entry-level gaming laptops with Nvidia’s RTX 2050 Vs RTX 3050 graphics is approximately USD 600. However, since 3050 is a higher number, it must perform better, right? I guess not always. To demonstrate all the differences, I played 8 games using both GPUs side by side.

GPU Specs Difference Between RTX 2050 Vs RTX 3050

RTX 2050RTX 3050
GPUGA 107GA 107
BOOST CLOCK (MHz)1155-1477990-1740
TGP (Watts)30-4535-80

Because both GPUs use the GA107 Ampere die, they have the same number of CUDA, Tensor, and RT cores. They both have a 4 gigabyte VRAM capacity, but the memory bus on the 3050 is twice as large as that on the 2050. The 3050 also has more memory bandwidth, but the 2050’s memory is clocked higher. The 3050 has a larger possible power range, which is why it can reach higher boost clock speeds.

More GPU power increases frame rates in games, but it also produces more heat and needs more cooling. Therefore, you typically find higher GPU power limits in more expensive laptops. That’s why pricier laptops usually set higher GPU power limits. Both laptops I’m comparing run their GPUs at 40 watts, making this a fair comparison between cheaper, budget-friendly entry-level options.

Laptops Tested

Intel Core i5-11400H
Nvidia RTX 2050
16GB DDR4-3200
Intel Core i5-11400H
Nvidia RTX 3050
16GB DDR4-3200
Check PriceCheck Price

I’m using the ASUS TUF F15 for the RTX 2050, and the MSI GF63 for the RTX 3050. They both have the same 6-core CPU, and the same dual-channel kit of memory was used in both.


Okay, let’s move on to the game benchmarks. I have compared 8 different games at 1080p resolution.

Cyberpunk 2077

RTX 2050 Vs RTX 3050 Cyberpunk 2077
RTX 2050 Vs RTX 3050 Cyberpunk 2077 DLSS
DLSS Enabled

Despite the 2050 laptop using more power, the 3050 laptop offered slightly better performance in this game. Specifically, the 3050 was only 2 FPS better at high settings, which means it was 7% faster than the 2050. Both laptops can significantly boost their FPS by around 60% by enabling DLSS.

Hogwarts Legacy

RTX 2050 Vs RTX 3050 Hogwarts Legacy
RTX 2050 Vs RTX 3050 Hogwarts Legacy DLSS
DLSS Enabled

In this Article, RTX 2050 Vs RTX 3050, The RTX 3050 achieved a 6% higher average FPS compared to the RTX 2050, which translates to a difference of less than 3 FPS. Both GPUs can utilize DLSS support, allowing both laptops to reach around 60 FPS with high settings. However, with only 4GB of VRAM, the game might not be able to load a significant amount of textures.

The Witcher 3

DLSS Enabled

The results are a little strange in The Witcher 3. This time, the 3050 was 8% faster on ultra settings, but if we turn DLSS on the results get worse. The 3050 has a bigger 24% lead now, but realistically you won’t use DLSS in this situation if it’s performing worse.

Spider-Man Remastered

RTX 2050 Vs RTX 3050 SpiderMan
RTX 2050 Vs RTX 3050 SpiderMan DLSS
DLSS Enabled

Both laptops ran the game at around 60 FPS even on the highest setting preset. However, when I enabled DLSS, the performance of both GPUs dropped. The 2050 laptop performed better in CPU workloads, possibly because of its superior cooling and power delivery, even though both laptops used the same i5-11400H processor.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

RTX 2050 Vs RTX 3050 Microsoft Flight Simulator
RTX 2050 Vs RTX 3050 Microsoft Flight Simulator DLSS
DLSS Enabled

Microsoft Flight Simulator is noted to be a CPU heavier title. Without DLSS enabled, both laptops achieved roughly the same average FPS. However, the 3050 had a slight lead in the 1% lows, indicating a potentially smoother performance with fewer dips. With DLSS enabled, both laptops saw an FPS boost compared to when DLSS was off.

A Plague Tale: Requiem

RTX 2050 Vs RTX 3050 A Plague Tale Requiem
RTX 2050 Vs RTX 3050 A Plague Tale Requiem DLSS
DLSS Enabled

The RTX 3050 achieved a 9% higher average FPS compared to the RTX 2050. In practical terms, this translates to a lead of only 3 FPS. When DLSS was enabled, there was an improvement in FPS for both GPUs.

Dying Light 2

RTX 2050 Vs RTX 3050: Dying Light 2

The average FPS lead with the RTX 3050 was only 4 FPS compared to the RTX 2050. However, the 3050 laptop had fewer dips in performance, as indicated by a higher 1% low. This suggests that the gameplay experience might be smoother on the 3050 laptop.

DOOM Eternal

RTX 2050 Vs RTX 3050: Doom Eternal

DOOM Eternal hit a higher average FPS in 2050, but the 3050 had a much higher 1% low, meaning a more stable experience.

Power Scaling

RTX 2050 Vs RTX 3050: Power Scaling

Here, we can observe how the 2050 and 3050 in the Time Spy graphics score are impacted by various GPU power levels. With both laptops’ GPUs operating at 40 watts, the 3050’s performance was only 10% better than the 2050’s.

Power Draw

RTX 2050 Vs RTX 3050: TDP

The RTX 3050 may be more energy-efficient because it requires less power to run Cyberpunk 2077 at 1080p high settings. However, it’s not entirely fair because both laptops have other components that use different amounts of power.

Pricing & Final Thoughts

So, what about the cost difference? Right now, the exact RTX 2050 and RTX 3050 laptops that I’ve tested go for USD 700.

if you’re looking for slightly better performance and the prices are similar, the RTX 3050 would be the recommended choice. However, if there’s a significant price difference (like $50 or $100 more for the 3050), it might not be worth the extra cost for the small performance improvement.

What about the newer and higher-tier RTX 4050? Contrary to what we’ve seen here, the 4050 does cost a little more than the 3050, but the performance gap is also wider. Additionally, the 4050 supports frame generation. Now you should read RTX 4050 vs RTX 3050 to find out if it’s worth stretching your budget a little further for the 4050.

Hope you will get full information about RTX 2050 Vs RTX 3050.

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